Ovarro (formerly Servelec Technologies & Primayer)

Water monitoring instruments for agriculture & irrigation - Agriculture - Irrigation

In parts of the world the cost of water for irrigation has increased tenfold in the last year, driven both by scarcity of resource compared to demand and legislative controls that are forcing water distributors and farmers to examine their historical practices.

Without substitute, fresh water is essential and nature decrees that supply is least where its absence is most keenly felt. In the developed world, demand continues to increase with rising populations and with it the planet’s growing need for food, and hence a growing demand for agricultural water supply. Today, 69% of the world’s freshwater withdrawals are committed to farming and the hotter and more populated the region the greater the volume of water used for farming. For example, in North America farming takes 41% of all water withdrawals and almost all of it for irrigation. In contrast, in the UK the figure is as low as 3%.

We understand challenges faced by the global agriculture market; our products and systems have been developed to enable greater productivity, energy and cost efficiencies.

Our telemetry solutions can provide:

  • Irrigation management, control and monitoring for pump, solenoid, weir, pipeline, aqueduct and channel applications
  • Water resource management for dams, bores and storm water harvest storage
  • Feed management and control, chemical and fertiliser usage monitoring and reporting
  • Glasshouse/greenhouse environment control for correct growth conditions
  • Monitoring meteorological and environment variables such as rainfall, temperature, humidity, wind speed/direction, humidity, soil moisture/conductivity, solar radiation and evapotranspiration
  • Statutory requirements for effluent output and storage
  • Remote monitoring and alarms for other associated assets such as storage tanks, silos, power supply and generators
  • Remote monitoring, alarms and control via SCADA, cloud systems, web access, smartphone, SMS or email
  • Surveillance and security including IP cameras, and remote staff alerts.

Canal and irrigation automation

Servelec provides a supervised and automated canal system which can deliver precious water efficiently and effectively to farms resulting in increased efficiency, reduced wastage and reduced costs. Servelec’s seamless total canal control solution is compatible with existing SCADA and communications infrastructure. The solution can be applied to lateral, check, delivery and automated discharge gates.

Our automation solutions control and monitor flows in irrigation canals from a single site to an entire network providing the desired gate action for a variety of local control objectives:

  • Local control objective : Gate action
  • Position: Provide a desired position output that does not change
  • Flow : Preserve a constant flow irrespective of upstream or downstream level
  • Upstream level : Uphold desired level in immediate upstream pool
  • Downstream level : Uphold desired level in immediate downstream pool