Water systems for golf & turf sector - Manufacturing, Other

The Magnation Big Blue Pump & Irrigation systems are designed to reduce the impact of hard water on soils and irrigation lines. Less salts, less chemical use, less water and energy use, and reduced maintenance while extending the longevity of pipes and sprinklers. Our non-chemical system is available in a complete range of sizes starting at 3/4” Diameter System and up.

Magnation's 'rain-like water' delivers more oxygen and nutrients than regular irrigation water, creating healthier, greener, more uniform turf. By naturally softening the water without chemicals or energy, it naturally washes harmful salts and total dissolved solids (TDS) up to 300%, as well as reversing the effects of scale buildup in pipes and sprinklers with magnetic science.

It makes any irrigation water more productive, while not only requiring less water and energy to do more, it also lessens the need for fertilizers and pesticides. Our systems directly impact operational costs, and solve difficult issues golf courses deal with throughout the year without harming the environment—or the ledger.

Proven Benefits

  • Increased water infiltration and moisture retention in soil due to washing out of salts by 300%
  • Reverse scale in irrigation pipes & sprinklers without chemicals or acid wash
  • Less chemicals due to increased solubility and disolveability
  • Soften water without chemicals, energy, or maintenance
  • Realign and restore soil pH towards neutral
  • Increased water flow with same pressure
  • Increased fertilizer and input efficiency
  • Improved color and uniformity
  • 10-30% less water
  • 10% less energy
  • Healthier turf

When water flows into the Magnation water system, Hydrodynamic Magnetic Resonance is applied, thus magnetizing (restructuring) the water. This action inhibits the minerals from bonding into the larger water molecules which cause scale buildup. Instead, the mineral elements are held in suspension and repel each other, which inhibits the process of calcification. The result: the smaller (restructured) water clusters pass through pipes quickly and cleanly– and averts scale buildup. Simply, water is made soft without the use of chemicals or energy or maintenance.

Since Magnation water systems are passive in-line systems, they do not require electricity or maintenance. There is nothing to replace or maintain—once installed, the work is done and benefits begin. Our American-made systems should last for 15-20 years under normal operating conditions, and come with a 7-year Limited Manufacturers Warranty.