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Water treatment solutions for agriculture industry - Agriculture

The agriculture industry is a water intensive industry that needs a constant contaminant free water supply to ensure high harvest yields and healthy farm livestock. Agriculture in the U.S. is dominated by large, specialized crop and animal farms. These industrial farms focus on short-term productivity, often at the cost of creating environmental and public health problems. This focus on short term productivity, requires agriculture water treatment solutions and specific soil additives that are sustainable and environmentally friendly to mitigate environmental problems and reduce the risk of crop loss and disease/death of livestock (pigs/cows/chickens).

  • Agriculture water treatment is essential to prevent bacteria, fungus, and other pathogens in horticulture and livestock operations.
  • Agriculture wastewater treatment is especially important as well to reduce contamination by pesticides and nutrient pollution from contaminating water supplies.
  • Genesis Water Technologies works together with leading horticulture and livestock companies to provide specific water treatment and soil enhancement solutions for your horticulture and commercial livestock operations.