Water treatment solutions for agriculture industry

The agriculture industry is a water intensive industry that needs a constant contaminant free water supply to ensure high harvest yields and healthy farm livestock. This requires agriculture water treatment solutions and specific soil additives that are sustainable and environmentally friendly. Agriculture water treatment and waste water treatment is essential to prevent bacteria, fungus, while reducing pesticide and nutrient pollution degradation of farmland used in commercial agriculture and horticulture operations. Genesis Water Technologies can engineer, build and provide sustainable agriculture water treatment and wastewater reuse systems as well as specific soil mediums for both greenhouse nurseries and commercial farming operations.

  • Specialized Agriculture Water Treatment and Filtration Solutions for Bacterial Control, BOD, COD, Pesticides, Herbicides, Hardness Scale, Dissolved and Suspended Solids removal
  • Specialized sustainable Agro-Z medium used as a soil additive to increase plant growth and yield, improving fertilizer efficiency and performance. This medium increases nutrient and water uptake in plants and its ion exchange properties enhance the quality of the soil.
  • Systems Optimized for Reliability, Sustainability, and Performance

We look forward to working with commercial farming and greenhouse operators worldwide to understand your specific needs and assist you in meeting these unique challenges. Through optimized sustainable solutions specific to your agriculture operations we will work with you to increase harvesting production and reduce costs associated with meeting water quality regulations.