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Wireless industrial I/O applications for agriculture and irrigation industries - Agriculture - Irrigation

Banner Engineering`s SureCross product line offers reliable wireless industrial I/O monitoring and control solutions for most applications, including these examples of wireless installations for agriculture and irrigation control.

Temperature monitoring in a livestock facility ensures optimum conditions or minimizes the loss of life during an equipment failure or weather changes.

SureCross Wireless FlexPower Nodes equipped with a thermocouple or RTD can be easily implemented for monitoring barn temperature range or dairy bulk tank temperatures, triggering an alarm when the acceptable temperature range is exceeded.

Gravity fed water distribution systems for potable water and irrigation rely on pumping water uphill, often through topography that can be extremely challenging for RF communication. In this application, submersible pressure sensors are used to monitor tank levels. Based on the tank water level, pumps bringing water in from a lake are turned on or off.

A FlexPower Node with analog inputs and a SDI-12 interface for a soil moisture probe is mounted on a stake driven into the ground near the cranberry bushes. A thermistor connected to the analog input on the FlexPower Node monitors soil or ambient temperatures.