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Algae Harvesting Companies (Aquaculture)

  • Algea

    based in Kristiansund, NORWAY.



    Algea collects and processes the algae Ascophyllum nodosum to make seaweed extracts and phytocomplexes for use in agriculture. In Norway, beyond the Arctic Circle, in one of the purest and unpolluted habitats in the world, we have been harvesting ...

  • Algae Technology Ventures

    based in The Woodlands, TEXAS (USA).

    Algae Technology Ventures

    Algae Technology Ventures offers algae strains and commercial growing, harvesting and extraction systems for the algae production industry. We also provide cost-effective project management consulting services to the algae industry. Our ...

  • Celtic Sea Minerals

    based in Co. Cork, IRELAND.

    Celtic Sea Minerals

    Celtic Sea Minerals have been leading the field globally for over 25 years now. Marine algae grows in the relatively shallow and clear, unpolluted coastal waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Celtic Sea Minerals was established in 1991 and initially ...

  • c-biotech

    based in KĂžbenhavn, DENMARK.


    Company based in Greater Copenhagen. We propose a strong solution to help optimizing biogas production, pig farming and cell disruption for algae harvesting. You can transform your difficult and undigestable biomasses into easily digestable ...

  • Algae.Tec Ltd.

    Algae.Tec (ASX. AEB) is a specialist algae producer focused on the key algae-based nutraceutical, animal and aquaculture markets. Algae.Tec has a highly experienced global team with over 200 years of technical, professional and business expertise in ...

  • Algasol Renewables

    based in Esporles, SPAIN.

    Algasol Renewables

    Algasol Renewables has naturally transitioned from a technology company, owning the most coveted patent and cost efficient (CAPEX, OPEX and productivity) on algae growth systems towards becoming one of the largest algal biomass manufacturers through ...

  • Algix, LLC.

    based in Meridian, MISSISSIPPI (USA).

    Algix, LLC.

    ALGIX is a clean technology company that produces sustainable products using aquaculture and water remediation. We operate and support sustainable fish farms for the combined production of fresh fish and algae biomass. We service the demand for ...

    Algix - Clean Water Services

    Algix - Clean Water Services

    The Earth has limited fresh water resources which is tied to the lack of economical wastewater treatment. ALGIX Water Solutions turns to algae cultivation as a way to absorb excess nutrients from waste water and yields clean water and protein-rich ...

  • Kent BioEnergy Corporation

    based in Temecula, CALIFORNIA (USA).

    Kent BioEnergy Corporation

    Kent BioEnergy employs commercially viable microalgae-based technologies for water pollution remediation, CO2 capture, landfill management, and the production of livestock feed additives, fertilizer, and biomass derived energy. Based on 40 years of ...

    Strain Selection and Genetic Engineering Service

    Strain Selection and Genetic Engineering Service

    Kent BioEnergy Corporation's molecular biology and genetic engineering department has focused on the molecular and cellular biology of aquatic species since 1998. We have filed patents to protect the company's intellectual property on several new ...

  • Algae Energy, Inc

    based in Atlanta, GEORGIA (US) (USA).

    Algae Energy, Inc

    FeedMe Algae (by Algae Energy, Inc) is a specialized algae producer focused on developing technology to commercially produce the highest quality algae products for use in both human and animal applications. We produce commercial quantities of algae ...

    FeedMe - Commercial Algae Production Technology

    FeedMe - Commercial Algae Production Technology

    FeedMe Algae uses the Algae.Tec enclosed modular high-yield, algae growth manufacturing system to produce sustainable and renewable proteins and oils. The enclosed photo-reactor system offers cost, scale and yield advantages over the open pond ...

  • Liqoflux

    based in Rijen, NETHERLANDS.


    Liqoflux focuses on water treatment for the algae industry. We offer all water treatment solutions to make your algae production successful: from purifying the water for algae cultivation, concentrating the algae culture for harvesting to recycling ...

    Liqocap - Algae Pre-Concentration System

    Liqocap - Algae Pre-Concentration System

    Thee Liqocap capillary filters are mainly suitable when the (1) concentration of the algae culture is low and/or (2) larger volumes of algae culture have to be harvested (algae ponds). In harvesting ...

  • MicroBio Engineering, Inc. (MBE)

    based in San Luis Obispo, CALIFORNIA (USA).

    MicroBio Engineering, Inc. (MBE)

    MicroBio Engineering, Inc. (MBE) is an engineering services and technology company focused on microalgal technologies for Wastewater reclamation: Algae processes are lower cost and more sustainable than other state-of-the-art technologies. ...

  • AtSeaNova

    based in Ronse, BELGIUM.


    AtSeaNova combines the specific knowledge of HoldiNova, a business holding company specialized in the marine system protection and collection of algae and the experience of At-Sea Technologies founded in 2016 by 5 partners companies active in the ...

  • Xanthella

    based in Argyll, UNITED KINGDOM.


    Xanthella company is designing and manufacturing photobioreactors to grow algae from lab scale to industrial scale. We are involved in different projects to develop the use of renewable energy to grow high value microalgae in Scotland. ENBIO, funded ...

  • Industrial & Environmental Concepts, Inc. (IEC)

    based in Lakeville, MINNESOTA (USA).

    Industrial & Environmental Concepts, Inc. (IEC)

    Industrial & Environmental Concepts, Inc., (IEC), is widely recognized as the worldwide leader in the design, fabrication, and installation of gas collection covers for anaerobic systems, odor and heat retention covers for industry and ...

  • AlgEternal Technologies, LLC

    based in La Grange, TEXAS (USA).

    AlgEternal Technologies, LLC

    We get microalgae to do what they`ve been doing for over 2.5 billion years, faster, more efficiently, and with greater environmental, social and economic benefits for humankind. We are a vertically-integrated producer of non-fuel high value products ...

    AlgEternal - Superior Harvesting Technology

    AlgEternal - Superior Harvesting Technology

    AlgEternal has selected the OriginClear* Algae Harvester as its primary technology for harvesting algae. One of the critical steps in the microalgae business is getting the algae out of the liquid medium in which they are grown. The OriginClear* ...

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