Aquaculture Ozone

Articles & Whitepapers

  • Bell Aquaculture - Case study

    Sustainable fish farm Bell Aquaculture choose Primozone ozone solution when expanding its production facilitySustainable fish farmer Bell Aquaculture installed a Primozone ozone system when expending its production facility in Albany, IN. Thanks to the Primozone ODM ozone distribution module the investment cost became substantially lower.Bell Aquaculture is the largest yellow perch fish farmer in


  • Seafood Expo 2018

    SEAFOOD EXPO GLOBAL FAIR & SEAFOOD PROCESSING GLOBAL MAT RAS exhibits for the first time at Seafood Expo Global, Seafood Processing Global. The International Fish Market fair attracted about 30.000 seafood professionals in 2017. MAT invites you ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Ozone Contact Chambers

    Ozone Contact Chambers

    MAT decided to design ozone generators contact towers from scratch. Our equipment derived after spending over 3 years in R&D and field trials. Traditionally it was considered that providing a standard pressurized chamber for the ozone to be infused in water was enough. MAT has the field expertise from operating large ozone generators in saline and fresh water farm systems and understands that ...