Aquatic Weed

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  • Granular Algaecide & Herbicide - 10lb Pail
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    Granular Algaecide & Herbicide - 10lb Pail

    By NewTechBio, Inc.

    Hydrothol 191 Granular is a highly effective contact algaecide and aquatic herbicide for use in irrigation and drainage canals, lakes and ponds. Apply when weeds and algae are actively growing. Note: Susceptibility ...

  • Weed Harvester
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    Weed Harvester

    By Anton Berkenheger GmbH & Co. KG

    Powerful and maneuverable aquatic weed harvester for cutting and harvesting water weed (like Algae, Pondweed, Watermilfoil, Hydrilla, Water hyacinth (Eichhornia), e.g.) Trash, debris and wood on small channels, rivers ...

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