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  • OP Weed Harvester
    Showcase Product

    OP Weed Harvester

    By Skimmer Technology AS

    OP Weed Harvester is a patent product which efficiently removes algae and water weeds from sea, lakes, ponds and rivers. The robust simplicity of the OP Weed Harvester can tackle the most arduous of aquatic weed ...

  • Weeding Robot
    Showcase Product

    Weeding Robot

    By Naïo Technologies

    The Oz weeding robot helps you during weeding and hoeing chores in order to increase your profitability while respecting the environment. It is designed to improve working conditions and reduce your daily workload. Oz ...

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  • Complete Weed Control

    Complete Weed Control offers a specialist contract service for the eradication of all problem weeds, wherever they appear. Established in 1972 ...

  • Sunfarm Agrochemicals Ltd

    Sunfarm Agrochemicals Ltd

    Sunfarm Agrochemicals Ltd is the professional agrochemical manufacturer and exporter inChinafor over 10 years. Company manufacturing base is located ...

  • Recycling Biomass to Agricultural Land for Control of Eutrophication

    Recycling Biomass to Agricultural Land for Control of Eutrophication

    By 2050 there are predicted to be shortages in the global supply of essential minerals used in synthetic fertilisers; consequently, fertiliser prices ...

  • Lauwers n.v.

    Lauwers n.v.

    Lauwers nv is a family business, started by Marcel Lauwers in the year 1970 that has specialised itself by the years in designing and building ...

  • S.A.L.F.


    With many years of experience in the field of farm machinery and implements, SALF now presents a range of machines specifically designed for: weed ...