Aquatic Weed

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  • Continuous Weed Harvester
    Showcase Product

    Continuous Weed Harvester

    By Bell Dredging Pumps

    Unlike the weed harvester above, the Bell continuous weed harvester does not store any of the harvested material. Once the weed is cut loose, it is transported up the conveyer to a shredder. The pulverized material ...

  • Conventional Weed Harvester
    Showcase Product

    Conventional Weed Harvester

    By Bell Dredging Pumps

    The Bell weed harvesters are machines to remove weed, water plants or any other floating debris out of the water. The machine cuts the weed with a finger bar in front of the conveyer belt. In case of the Bell ...

  • Weed Harvester
    Showcase Product

    Weed Harvester

    By Anton Berkenheger GmbH & Co. KG

    Powerful and maneuverable aquatic weed harvester for cutting and harvesting water weed (like Algae, Pondweed, Watermilfoil, Hydrilla, Water hyacinth (Eichhornia), e.g.) Trash, debris and wood on small channels, rivers ...

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