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  • Aquaculture Mesh
    Showcase Product

    Aquaculture Mesh

    By C. E. Shepherd Co., Inc.

    Floating pens and cages help you better manage and protect your fish farming enterprise, particularly when it comes to feeding, harvesting and predator control. Shepherd supplies Aquaculture Mesh for bird mesh, cages, ...

  • Whitefish Harvesting & Processing Plant
    Showcase Product

    Whitefish Harvesting & Processing Plant

    By SalMar ASA

    Ocean Farming AS, a subsidiary of the SalMar Group, was established to develop an offshore fish farming capability. Through the development and implementation of new technologies  and the build-up of operational ...

  • Water Current Monitoring System with Guardian xC
    Showcase Product

    Water Current Monitoring System with Guardian xC

    By Bio Marine AS - part of OxyVision

    Guardian xC measures speed and direction of currents in water.  Guardian xC will provide momentary information about the water movements. The Guardian package includes sensor buoy, software and charging unit. ...

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  • Open Blue

    Open Blue

    Open Blue is committed to supplying the freshest, healthiest fish by continually innovating our open ocean aquaculture technology while maintaining ...

  • AquaLifeNet


    AquaLifeNet is a joint venture of two companies that have combined their 20 years of practical experience and technical knowledge in the fields of ...

  • Aquaculture Innovations

    Aquaculture Innovations

    Aquaculture Innovations as service providers to the aquaculture industry in South Africa we are here to assist existing aquaculture professionals as ...


    The Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science, CEFAS, is a UK-based research and consultancy centre. We provide services in fisheries ...

  • Global Salmon Initiative (GSI)

    Global Salmon Initiative (GSI)

    Global Salmon Initiative (GSI) is a leadership initiative by global farmed salmon producers, focused on making significant progress towards fully ...