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  • Aquaculture Nets Antifouling Coating
    Showcase Product

    Aquaculture Nets Antifouling Coating

    By Mørenot Aquaculture AS

    NetKem antifouling - best against fouling, best for the environment. MøreNot chose NetKem as a business partner based on the company`s many years of experience and extensive test programme. Netwax water-based net ...

  • Lightweight and Strong Clam Netting
    Showcase Product

    Lightweight and Strong Clam Netting

    By TENAX Group / TENAX Spa / TENAX Corporation

    TENAX R-9 is a lightweight and strong netting which is ideal for the use in clam cultivation. TENAX R-9 can be easily staked in place and then rolled up for clam harvesting. TENAX R-9 is non-toxic and chemical ...

  • Universal Scrammer
    Showcase Product

    Universal Scrammer

    By Ace Aquatec Ltd

    The Universal Scrammer 3 (US3) is a complete deterrent system designed to deter predators from fish farms. Using components tailored to your particular site, such as acoustic noisemakers, electric netting and triggering ...

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  • Christensen Net Works (CNW)

    Christensen Net Works (CNW)

    Christensen Net Works is located in Washington State, USA. We have over 40 years of net manufacturing experience high quality netting products for ...

  • Garware Wall Ropes Limited

    Garware Wall Ropes Limited

    Garware-Wall Ropes Ltd. (GWRL) is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company established in 1976 and has flourished into a front-runner technical textile ...