Fish Farm Robots

Equipment & Solutions

  • Automatic Robot Feeding System
    Showcase Product

    Automatic Robot Feeding System

    By Storvik Aqua AS

    Automatic feeding of fish in tanks. The robot runs on rails above the fish tanks. Up till 4 different types of feed simultaneously. Also live feed. Fully automated refill station (optional). Accurate dosing. Wireless ...

  • Aquaculture Feeding Robot
    Showcase Product

    Aquaculture Feeding Robot

    By Arvo-Tec Oy

    Arvo-Tec Oy’s production robot is a centralised feeding solution for indoor farms. One feeding robot can handle the feeding of up to 240 tanks.

  • Cleaning Robot
    Showcase Product

    Cleaning Robot

    By Hvalpsund Net A/S

    With the trend of moving away from copper based antifouling paints – in situ net washers are increasingly being utilized to keeping nets clean from algae, mussels, barnacles etc. From small single disc cleaners ...

Companies & Suppliers

  • Storvik Aqua AS

    Storvik Aqua AS

    Storvik Aqua AS is a supplier of equipment to the fishfarming industry, both on-shore installations and marine sites. The product range is wide, but ...