Fish Farming Companies (Aquaculture) serving Lebanon

  • SonicSolutions Algae Control LLC (SSAC)

    based in Northampton, MASSACHUSETTS (USA).


    SonicSolutions Algae Control LLC (SSAC)

    SonicSolutions Algae Control (and its partners) is the exclusive distributor of the patented Hydro Bio-Science product line. The ultrasound technology found in the Quattro-DB and Mezzo-DB units is the most advanced on the market for non-chemical ...

  • ENEXIO Water Technologies GmbH

    based in Hürth, GERMANY.


    ENEXIO Water Technologies GmbH

    For more than 40 years ENEXIO Water Technologies has designed and produced plastic products for different applications such as Cooling Towers, Mass Transfer, Drinking Water Technology, Agricultural Engineering, Waste Water Treatment, ...

    2H TUBEdek - Aquaculture Lamella Separator

    2H TUBEdek - Aquaculture Lamella Separator

    The separation of sludge in recirculation aquaculture systems can be enhanced and made more economical with the TUBEdek lamella separators. A TUBEdek installation results in a plant with a smaller foot print compared to more traditional methods of ...

  • Milanese snc

    based in Bertiolo (UD), ITALY.

    Milanese snc

    Milanese snc has been operating since 1953. They produce and sell a wide range of fish farming and aquaculture equipment, exporting to 40 different countries throughout the world. Custom made design and production of automatic fish breeding systems.

    Combinato - Grader

    Combinato - Grader

    Graders with revolving rollers for live trouts and salmons with a stainless steel body built on a hot galvanized steel (at request, also frame in stainless steel). These kind of graders are equipped with a special fish pump to suck and select the ...

  • Holland Aqua B.V.

    based in Lierop, NETHERLANDS.

    Holland Aqua B.V.

    Holland Aqua offers aquaculture engineering, project development and research & development capacity to private as well as public organisations. With 30 years of experience in the aquaculture sector, we formulate answers to research questions, ...

    Holland-Aqua - Design and Construct  Service

    Holland-Aqua - Design and Construct Service

    Our designs are based on local production demands and are tailormade for fish species such as tilapia, sturgeon, eel, salmon and catfish. A farm design should always be adapted to the hygiene and safety requirements of the farming processes. Food ...

  • Storm Safe

    based in ONTARIO (CANADA).

    Storm Safe

    I invented StormSafe for my own operation` says Mike Meeker, fish farmer since 1984. `But it will work anywhere in the world, because other farmers have the same challenges I have. The genius behind the StormSafe system boils down to few key ...

    Storm Safe - Submersible Net Pen

    Storm Safe - Submersible Net Pen

    Every fish farmer understands  the need to keep their fish healthy and safe when choosing a net pen. Fish farming is tough enough without having to worry about your cages failing from ice or storm damage. That’s why 32-year veteran ...

  • Stranda Prolog AS

    based in Kristiansund, NORWAY.

    Stranda Prolog AS

    Stranda Prolog AS (est. 1946) has always been owned and led by the Hoseth family. To remain a leading producer of farmed salmon for the world market, Norway needs to be ahead in developing ethical and innovative methods of production. The company ...

    Stranda-Prolog Triplo - Fish Pumps

    Stranda-Prolog Triplo - Fish Pumps

    The Stranda Triplo fish pump has been developed to provide continuous filling and near continuous delivery. With this pump, you will not need to crowd the fish as hard, because it sucks in fish 100 % of the time, and *ish are not swimming away from ...

  • AgriGo Ltd.

    based in Kiriat Malahi, ISRAEL.

    AgriGo Ltd.

    AgriGo Ltd is a leading Live-stock agriculture & aquaculture project company, supplying customers in Russia and its former countries, Israel markets and worldwide. The company is located in Israel with authorized representation throughout Russia and ...

    Growing Fish Systems

    Growing Fish Systems

    AgriGo Ltd. offers comprehensive innovative designs and products aqua-farming and fish processing, based on: Advanced engineering design. Multi disciplinal technological integration . Turn –key project design and production including. ...

  • Kollvik Recycling  S.L.

    based in Irún, SPAIN.

    Kollvik Recycling S.L.

    Stablished in 1982, Kollvik Recycling S.L. is a world reference on composting sector and on the treatment of organic waste. We manufacture a wide range of equipment, such as domestic composters for small volumes and plants for onsite composting, ...

  • GRETEC s.r.o. - Turnkey Fish Farms

    based in CZECH REPUBLIC.

    GRETEC s.r.o. - Turnkey Fish Farms

    Our company provides whole package of goods, services and works to all of our potential clients. We specialise in the design, engineering and construction of FISH FARMS on turnkey basis. Our team has the knowledge to undertake the entire ...

  • Aquanate

    based in Seattle, WASHINGTON (USA).


    Aquanate is a free online fish farm & hatchery production management software. Aquanate is free open source software for the Aquaculture industry. Fish farms and Hatcheries track feed consumption and facility population. Aquanate’s powerful tools ...

    Aquanate - Online Fish Farm & Hatchery Production Management Software

    Aquanate - Online Fish Farm & Hatchery Production Management Software

    Salmon farmers, trout farmers, catfish farmers, shrimp farmers, tilapia farmers, aquaculture students, government representatives, fish vets, state and federal ...

  • Bio Marine AS - part of OxyVision

    based in Tiller, NORWAY.

    Bio Marine AS - part of OxyVision

    Bio Marine is a Norwegian company specializing in equipment and systems for environmental control in aquaculture, with sea pens as the major focus point. Skirts for sea pens have proven effective in hindering parasites from entering. However there ...

    Guardian Wireless Monitoring System of Water Environment

    Guardian Wireless Monitoring System of Water Environment

    Guardian is a new wireless system for measuring and logging environmental data at fish farms: Oxygen, temperature, salinity and water current. The Guardian package includes sensor buoys, software and charging unit. The measurements are sent with GSM ...

  • Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC)

    based in Utrecht, NETHERLANDS.

    Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC)

    The Aquaculture Stewardship Council is an independent, international non-profit organisation that manages the world’s leading certification and labelling programme for responsible aquaculture.

  • OTAQ Grop Ltd

    based in Argyll, UNITED KINGDOM.

    OTAQ Grop Ltd

    OTAQ is a highly innovative marine technology company focused on the marine aquaculture sector. We have 15 employees in 3 worldwide locations; Lancaster and Oban in the UK and Puerto Montt in Chile. We develop and continuously improve our products ...

    SealFence - Ultrasonic Deterrent System

    SealFence - Ultrasonic Deterrent System

    SealFence is an intelligent ultrasonic deterrent system designed to deter seals and sea lions from marine fish farming sites. Proven effective worldwide we have deployed over 600 systems since 2014 protecting farms in Scotland, Chile, Finland and ...

  • Gavish

    based in Givat Brenner, ISRAEL.


    GAVISH is a leading company in the field of control systems for the agricultural market. We produce software and equipment that operates, monitors and controls many functions within greenhouses, dairy farms and fish farms. GAVISH`s three major ...

  • Bradan Limited

    based in Campbeltown, Argyll, UNITED KINGDOM.

    Bradan Limited

    Bradan Limited was formed in 2001 by a group of individuals from different backgrounds and skills but with the common concern that the inexorable spread of fish pathogens across the world was not being properly controlled by use of outmoded, unsafe ...

  • Venture Farms Pte Ltd

    based in SINGAPORE.

    Venture Farms Pte Ltd

    Venture Farms Pte Ltd provides solutions and products to shrimp and fish farms. We source for niche products and services to meet the needs demands of hatchery, nursery and farms and others who may need our services in the industry. Our skills are ...

  • Nutreco N.V.

    based in Amersfoort, NETHERLANDS.

    Nutreco N.V.

    Nutreco is a global leader in animal nutrition and aquafeed. Our advanced nutritional solutions are at the origin of food for millions of consumers worldwide. Every day, Nutreco’s 12,100 dedicated employees in more than 37 countries across the globe ...

    Protec - Functional Diet Feed for Farmed Fish

    Protec - Functional Diet Feed for Farmed Fish

    Our prime functional diet for farmed fish. Supports fish defences against disease and other challenges. Protec is a result of more than 20 years of research. The diet helps support skin, intestine and gills. Protec supports the immune system, adds ...

  • BioFishency

    based in ISRAEL.


    BioFishency’s all-in-one water treatment system for aquaculture increases fish productivity, has a minimal ecological footprint, enhances water conditions, and significantly grows profitability. During our long years in the field of aquaculture in ...

    BioFishency - Mini RAS Turnkey Fish Farms

    BioFishency - Mini RAS Turnkey Fish Farms

    BioFishency offers turnkey projects based on its SPB system The "off-the-shelf" Mini Recirculating Aquaculture System (MINI RAS) projects are currently available, and include: BioFishency system(s), tanks, pipes aerators and installation. Each ...

  • O2 Waterator Ltd.

    based in Netanya, ISRAEL.

    O2 Waterator Ltd.

    O2Waterator Ltd. was founded in 2015 within Hutchison Kinrot, a global leading environmental technology O2WATERATOR develops an innovative aerator system, operated by water pressure rather than electricity, rendering it completely safe, light and ...

  • Aquatec Solutions A/S - AKVA Group

    based in Egtved, DENMARK.

    Aquatec Solutions A/S - AKVA Group

    Aquatec Solutions operates world-wide in supplying fish farming solutions for both salt water fish aquaculture and fresh water fish aquaculture. We cover the range from turn-key fish farming systems to high quality fish farming equipment and ...

    Aquatec - Fish Farm Emergency Power Generator

    Aquatec - Fish Farm Emergency Power Generator

    Aquatec Emergency Power Generator can be placed in a container or directly installed on your farming site. We develop and manufacture the custom designed power generator to fulfill the requirements on the market ...

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