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  • Multiparameter Aquaculture Probe
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    Multiparameter Aquaculture Probe

    By In-Situ, Inc.

    The Aqua TROLL 400 is an all-in-one multiparameter aquaculture probe that measures 12 water parameters, designed for aquaculture management and real-time pond water quality reporting. Six water quality sensors measure ...

  • Resting Rotifers Continuous System
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    Resting Rotifers Continuous System

    By Redono Oy

    This is the easy way to keep an emergency supply of rotifers to hatch when needed. Grown by Florida Aqua Farms these are the dormant cysts of rotifers. They last virtually indefinitely in a freezer and can be hatched ...

  • Amblyseius Cucumeris
    Showcase Product

    Amblyseius Cucumeris

    By Biobest Group NV

    Predatory mite for the control of thrips larvae and spider mite. Very mobile. Also feeds on pollen, enabling it to survive without prey. Can be introduced preventatively in pollen-bearing crops.

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  • AgriProtein


    AgriProtein has been developing its insect based protein feed, extruded oil, and fertilisers since 2009. Following five years of parallel academic ...

  • Primo Aquaculture

    Primo Aquaculture

    Primo Aquaculture - suppliers to the Professional Aquaculture Industry in Australia for more than 20 years. Ordering product from our aquaculture ...

  • Reed Mariculture Inc.

    Reed Mariculture Inc.

    Reed Mariculture is the world`s largest producer of marine microalgae concentrates. Our Instant Algae® larviculture feeds are used by over 500 ...

  • Artemia International LLC

    Artemia International LLC

    Artemia International LLC is a bulk supplier of Artemia Cysts (brine shrimp) and other specialty feeds and equipment for the aquaculture industry ...

  • BioBullets Limited

    BioBullets Limited

    BioBullets Ltd is a biotechnology company with a platform technology for providing encapsulated actives to filter feeding molluscs. We supply highly ...