Fish Pumping Articles

  • Columbia River Gets a Vertical Fish Screen - case study

    The Columbia River is huge and runs past deserts, towns, major cities and numerous recreation areas. It is a major fishery, as well. So this screen had to protect and exclude fish, handle natural and urban debris, and operate in a constricted space.  We designed and installed large vertical fish screens with hoods. Now the irrigation canal is clean and clear of river debris. The fish are ...

    By International Water Screens

  • Samson Pumps match the strict demands of the fishing industry - Case Study

    "Samson pumps are far more robust and reliable than other pumps on the market. This is particularly important for the fishing industry," says Søren Toft Sørensen from Beva Special Svejs ApS, which specialises in the repair and servicing of large fishing vessels "It is a solid product. A really solid product, actually. The more I see what else there is on the pump market, the more ...

    By Samson Pumps A/S

  • Reliable pumps are the be-all and end-all - Case Study

    "The introduction of the vacuum system is the biggest positive change that has taken place in the fishing industry in all the years I have been a fisherman," says Roi Magnussen, chief engineer and co-owner of "H265 Asbjørn", which is one of Denmark's largest and most modern fishing vessels When "H265 Asbjørn" was built in 2008 – then under the name of "Gitte Henning" – ...

    By Samson Pumps A/S

  • Global Warming Causing Dwindling Food Supplies

    The growth of plants but in excessive amounts they end up bringing destruction. Man-made warming will actually cause a reduction in the amount of food produced compared to if there was no global warming. The last time a similar report was given it said that it was too soon to begin speculating on what effect global warming would have on food production. That was in 2007 but since then more ...

    By Adamant Valves

  • P‐gp efflux pump inhibition potential of common environmental contaminants determined in vitro

    Across different species, cellular efflux pumps such as P‐glycoprotein (P‐gp, MDR1) serve as a first line of defence by transporting toxic xenobiotics out of the cell. This mechanism is also active in aquatic organisms such as mussels, fish and their larvae. Modulation of this resistance mechanism by chemical agents occurring in the environment could result in either higher or lower internal ...

    By John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

  • For $50,000, who wants to be a SRS Crisafulli Millionaire?

    SRS Crisafulli's factory location is intriguing.  SRS Crisafulli is a dredge and pump manufacturer with a factory in land-locked Eastern Montana.  "Glendive, Montana is a unique and very rural community" says SRS Crisafulli President/CFO, Laura M. Fleming. "Glendive is about as far off the beaten track as can be found in modern America. We had two visitors from Israel this week, ...

    By SRS Crisafulli, Inc.

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