Fish Silage

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  • Silage Container
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    Silage Container

    By Steinsvik AS

    The silage container 3S-FC-5/10 -20FT is specially designed to process salmon, meeting the biosafety protocols required worldwide. This system features; a grinder, an acidification bomb and a storage pond with the ...

  • Grinder
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    By Steinsvik AS

    Steinsvik has a series of products for silage purposes. The recently developed DFC20 is by far the most efficient grinder on the market today with a capacity of up to 20 tons per hour. It handles all fish sizes and can ...

  • Formic Acid
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    Formic Acid

    By Perstorp

    Formic Acid has one carboxylic group. It is a colorless liquid. Formic Acid is used in the leather tanning process, in feed for preservation and acidification, as intermediate in various pharmaceuticals and fine ...

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