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  • What is The Cost of Fish Feed and Feed Pelleting Machine in Nigeria?

    I will like to know the cost of Fish Feed in Nigeria? And also how many times can one feed this fish? For people that want to venture into this business they will like to get this important fact right before venturing into the business. The frequency of feeding for fishes depend on the level of development or growth of the fish. For juvenile fish, feeding needs to be more frequent to to ...


  • Plastic debris in the Danube outnumbers fish larvae

    Plastic debris in the Danube outnumbers fish larvaePieces of plastic litter outnumber fish larvae in the Austrian Danube River, new research has found. This is worrying, as some fish are likely to mistake the plastic for the prey they would normally ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • High Speed Fish Vaccination Machine

    High Speed Fish Vaccination Machine

    Maskon has developed an automatic vaccination machine with an average capacity of 20,000 fish/hour. One operator will be able to run the machine, which shall be capable of handling fish weighing 35-170 gr.