Flatfish Farming

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  • PhytoBloom Ice Tetraselmis
    Showcase Product

    PhytoBloom Ice Tetraselmis

    By Necton SA

    Tetraselmis is a unicellular flagellate classified as: Prasinophyta (Phylum); Pyramimonadales (Order); Platymonadaceae (Family); Tetraselmis (Genus). Morphology: Characterised by their cordiform, elliptical or almost ...

  • Shrimp Sorting Machine
    Showcase Product

    Shrimp Sorting Machine

    By Kramer Machines

    The SMG190 Sorting machine is designed to separate shrimps and by-catches. The undersized shrimps are also separated from the consumption shrimps by thickness. The main part of the sorting machine is the rotary drum. ...

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