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  • Granular Hatchery Feeds
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    Granular Hatchery Feeds

    By Epicore BioNetworks Inc.

    A range of high quality granular hatchery feeds for post larval shrimp. It complements Epicore’s EPIFEED-LHF liquid larval feeds and supplements algae and Artemia that are typically used in larval rearing.

  • Enrichment Diets
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    Enrichment Diets

    By Catvis B.V.

    The RICH series of rotifer and artemia enrichments offers a proven, scientific formulation of desirable fatty acids, ensuring nutritionally complete feeding regimes. The RICH series is high in HUFA’s and contains ...

  • Microbiological Barrier
    Showcase Product

    Microbiological Barrier

    By KX Technologies, LLC

    This technology is available for custom designed OEM filtration solutions.

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  • Sweeney Enterprises, Inc.

    Sweeney Enterprises, Inc.

    John and Doris Sweeney began making deer feeder timers in the late 1960s. At the time, John owned a clock and speedometer repair shop. A few ...