Marine Microalgae

Articles & Whitepapers

  • Success that the Bluevert products are having

    We are proud on the success that the Bluevert products are having. Bluevert  is the first company capable of encapsulating the absolute of the sea – Plasmarine -, a patented complex derived of marine microalgae. Marine microalgae carry many beneficial properties for health and nutrition and are heavily conquering the world of cosmetics. Behind the Bluevert is Buggypower, the ...


  • Impact of sustainable feeds on omega-3 levels in farmed fish

    As the global population and its demand for seafood increases, more of our fish will come from aquaculture. Farmed Atlantic salmon are a global commodity and, as an oily fish, contain a rich source of the health promoting long-chain omega-3 fatty ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Nutribloom


    NutriBloom – culture medium for microalgae cultivation richer than F/2!. Our R&D team has developed a culture medium to optimize microalgae growth in our production operations. A well-formulated medium guarantees fast growth and healthy cultures and also a high nutritional value of microalgae. Now, this culture medium is available for our Customers.