Microalgae Production Companies (Aquaculture)

  • LGem b.v.

    based in Voorhout, NETHERLANDS.

    LGem b.v.

    LGem is an innovating company, active in the Algae Industry since 2005. Our companies motto: LGem creates gems from light easily explains the name of the company. In the early days LGem was founded on a propriety technology. In 2007 LGem started ...

  • Redono Oy

    based in Lohja, FINLAND.

    Redono Oy

    Redono Oy is giving back to nature by recycling and treating industrial wastewaters in the REDONO process. Together with cultivation of BioAlgaes and BioPlants in the REDONO wastewater recycling process, we can produce new products to give back to ...

    Redono - Bio Feed Unit

    Redono - Bio Feed Unit

    Industrial sidestreams can be pretreated in the BioFeed unit to produce organic liquid fertilizers (BioFeed). The purpose of the BioFeed unit is to remove the containing solids and eliminate any unwanted bacteria or other organisms and impurities ...

  • Triton Algae Innovations

    based in San Diego, CALIFORNIA (USA).

    Triton Algae Innovations

    At Triton Algae Innovations we provide novel solutions for the world`s food and feed shortages and have taken the microalgae, Chlomydomonos reinhardtii, through the GRAS process. Chlomydomonos is safe, tastes great and is rich in essential amino ...

  • Aliga Microalgae

    based in Hjoerring, DENMARK.

    Aliga Microalgae

    Aliga microalgae is a Danish based company specializing in producing high quality, nutrient-rich and bio-secure microalgae for the aquaculture industry worldwide. We have revolutionized the cultivation of different microalgae strains through our ...

    Aquapaste - Microalgae-Paste Products

    Aquapaste - Microalgae-Paste Products

    The Aquapaste product range is a line of concentrated microalgae-paste products with nutritive profiles that provide live prey, larvae and juveniles with the necessary protein, vitamin and essential fatty acid enrichment during their first period in ...

  • Reed Mariculture Inc.

    based in Campbell, CALIFORNIA (USA).

    Reed Mariculture Inc.

    Reed Mariculture is the world`s largest producer of marine microalgae concentrates. Our Instant Algae® larviculture feeds are used by over 500 hatcheries, universities, and marine ornamental operations in more than 70 countries around the world. We ...

    Pavlova - Model 1800 - Small Golden/Brown Flagellate

    Pavlova - Model 1800 - Small Golden/Brown Flagellate

    Pavlova is a small golden/brown flagellate that is very similar to Isochrysis. It has a VERY high DHA profile and is excellent for enriching rotifers and other zooplankton. Pavlova is very difficult to grow so it is not produced by many hatcheries. ...

  • AlgoSource



    The AlgoSource group, a recognized world expert in microalgae, offers an end-to-end range of services, from production engineering through to value creation and the industrial development of microalgae. Its unique expertise encompasses all the ...

  • Aquaculture Freelance Expertise (AFE)

    AFE is a consulting and specialised advice in the field of aquaculture and micro algae and sells its own products dedicated to oxygenation basins: aerators basins aero range + AFE is the representative of the company Varicon Aqua Ltd specializes in ...

  • Algaetech International Sdn Bhd

    based in Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA.

    Algaetech International Sdn Bhd

    Algaetech has started since April 2004 (Algaetech Sdn Bhd) and its activities are in the field of microalgae research, development and consultancy for renewable energy solutions as well as the production and marketing of high value products. Its ...

    Research & Development and Consultation Services

    Research & Development and Consultation Services

    R&D has been the foundation on which the company was built on, and will continue to play a very important role as the core element in all of ASB activities. Algae technology being relatively new, offers a very niche opportunity to identify key ...

  • Algae.Tec Ltd.

    Algae.Tec (ASX. AEB) is a specialist algae producer focused on the key algae-based nutraceutical, animal and aquaculture markets. Algae.Tec has a highly experienced global team with over 200 years of technical, professional and business expertise in ...

  • Biorizon Group

    based in El Alquián (Almería), SPAIN.

    Biorizon Group

    Biorizon Group we have applied the most advanced technology to develop solutions to the production of fruits and vegetables providing, through the use of natural elements, improvements facing the more traditional substances of chemical synthesis. ...

    Biosupergrow - Fertilizer

    Biosupergrow - Fertilizer

    Biosupergrow is a fertilizer which improves the vigor, resistance and quality of the crop thanks to a hydrolytic compound in its formula obtained through TrieTech© technology, specifically designed to incorporate to the compound growth ...

  • AlgaEnergy, S.A.

    based in Alcobendas, SPAIN.

    AlgaEnergy, S.A.

    AlgaEnergy is a technology-based company specialized in the field of microalgae biotechnology that, with substantial R&D programs worth millions of Euros (both private and public funding), is managed by a team of entrepreneurs and scientists with ...

    AgriAlgae® - Cultured Microalgae Agricultural Biostimulant

    AgriAlgae® - Cultured Microalgae Agricultural Biostimulant

    AlgaEnergy has developed a potent agricultural biostimulant based on extracts from different own cultured microalgae, named AgriAlgae®. It is a 100% natural product, which combining the benefits of a selection of microalgae strains, reaches high ...

  • Algoid Technologies

    based in Miami Beach, FLORIDA (USA).

    Algoid Technologies

    Algoid Technologies, a certified State of Florida Aquaculture Facility, is a division of Faremax, Inc., that has been involved in aquaculture as a diverse and up-to-the-minute technology, creating research and development on the use of microalgae ...

    Medium Growth Microalgae Culture Products

    Medium Growth Microalgae Culture Products

    If you are looking for a source of quality culture growth medium then you've come to the right place. We manufacture our mediums and can create any custom combinations you are interested in. Our more popular culture mediums include Guillard's F/2 ...

  • Subitec GmbH

    based in Stuttgart, GERMANY.

    Subitec GmbH

    Subitec is a German technology company headquartered in Stuttgart specializing in process engineering and the supply of microalgae cultivation equipment and turn-key production systems. Established as a spin off from the Fraunhofer Institute, ...

    Subitec - Model FPA28L - 28 Liter Cultivation Units

    Subitec - Model FPA28L - 28 Liter Cultivation Units

    The Subitec FPA28L consisting of a 28 liter Flat Panel Airlift Photobioreactor is housed in and includes all the necessary componentry, piping, fittings and instruments for cultivation of microalgae under constant, reliable and reproductible ...

  • Aqualgae

    based in Viana do Castelo, PORTUGAL.


    In Aqualgae we are a multidisciplinary team with knowledge in different fields such as biology, biotechnology and engineering. We aim to achieve the optimization and sustainability of microalgae culture systems. We also know that we have an ...

    Engineering and Automation Services

    Engineering and Automation Services

    Design and manufacture of high yield photobioreactors. Systems integration, supervision and control of microalgae production plants, other biotechnological processes and aquaculture. Scale-up automation solutions. Integral solutions, specific ...

  • Algasol Renewables

    based in Esporles, SPAIN.

    Algasol Renewables

    Algasol Renewables has naturally transitioned from a technology company, owning the most coveted patent and cost efficient (CAPEX, OPEX and productivity) on algae growth systems towards becoming one of the largest algal biomass manufacturers through ...

  • Necton SA

    based in Olhão, PORTUGAL.

    Necton SA

    Necton is specialized in the cultivation and commercialization of microalgae. Our scientific, technological, and market knowledge is focused in several applications: specialty feeds for Aquaculture and Aquarium, Cosmetics, Food, and more recently in ...

    Necton - Microalgae Cultivation Technology

    Necton - Microalgae Cultivation Technology

    After more than two decades of microalgae cultivation, several technologies were installed and operated in our site, such as raceways, closed photobioreactors (PBRs), and even Greenwalls (GW). Necton is perhaps the only company in the world that has ...

  • Kimitec Group

    based in Roquetas de Mar. Almería, SPAIN.

    Kimitec Group

    Kimitec Group Using four sources of natural raw materials: botany, microalgae, green chemistry, and microbiology. These four natural sources, treated individually and with standardized procedures, would never get the same effectiveness as a solution ...

  • Pen Wave

    based in Peniche, PORTUGAL.

    Pen Wave

    Pen Wave is a young and enthusiastic indoor microalgae and copepod aquaculture company, engaged in providing solutions for some of aquaculture’s nutritional bottlenecks, as well as new biotechnological compounds. We are composed by a ...

    Aqua Phyto Gold - Rhodomonas Lens

    Aqua Phyto Gold - Rhodomonas Lens

    Aqua Phyto Gold is a 100% natural product, composed by one premium phytoplankton: golden Chaetoceros calcitrans. Specially formulated to help thrive your clams and filter feeders, Aqua Phyto Gold is the best nutrition you can get in the market. Also ...

  • Symbiotic EnviroTek Inc

    based in Calgary, ALBERTA (CANADA).

    Symbiotic EnviroTek Inc

    Symbiotic EnviroTek Inc. (`Symbiotic` or “the Company”) is a privately held corporation based in Alberta, that is actively engaged in commercializing its advanced modular algae cultivation system. Symbiotic developed this system for growing ...

    Symbiotic - Model Mac-B - Algae Cultivation Technology

    Symbiotic - Model Mac-B - Algae Cultivation Technology

    Growing microalgae year round north of the 45th parallel, outside in the elements, using conventional methods poses a formidable challenge eight months of the year. Drawing on a lifetime of experience gained from working in the heavy equipment and ...

  • Greensea

    based in Mèze, FRANCE.


    In the context of protection of a unique environment, and thanks to the vision and work of Yves Pietrasanta (Mayor of Mèze and President of the Languedoc-Roussillon region at that time) the year 1981 saw the inauguration of the first lagoon facility ...

    Greensea - Active Ingredients

    Greensea - Active Ingredients

    Using biotechnology, GREENSEA is developing the immense potential of marine and freshwater vegetation for the creation of cosmetic substances which are totally innovative. GREENSEA extracts, purifies, characterises and transforms the active ...

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