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Aquaculture Equipment

  • FucoVital - Astaxanthin for Healthy Liver

    FucoVital is an innovative proprietary composition for liver health derived from the Phaeodactylum tricornutum microalgae. This type of microalgae is a naturally rich source of fucoxanthin, an orange-brown carotenoid which plays a part in photosynthesis and helps protect the microalgae from oxidative stress. While fucoxanthin provides excellent ...

    By Algatech based in D.N Hevel Eilot, ISRAEL.

  • Addfield - Model Mini Aqua - Aquaculture Waste Incinerator (350Kg)

    The Mini Aqua with the an EU compliant burn rate of 50kg an hour, and a load capacity up to 350kg is a purpose built fish waste management incinerators.

    By Addfield Environmental Systems Ltd. based in Staffordshire, UNITED KINGDOM. from Aquaculture Incinerators - Aqua Series Product line

  • Model 9560 - 6 Row Vine Chopper

    A lawnmower on steroids - when its green its gone. With the Vine Chopper Spudnik developed a mechanical alternative to chemical weed control. After chopping, as the potato skin sets and harvest begins, farmers have less vine to deal with. Thus harvester without vine chain or in hard vain can perform better and with an higher capacity. Different ...

    By Spudnik Equipment Company, LLC based in Blackfoot, IDAHO (USA). from Harvesting Product line

  • BLDC Pump - Model Blue Series - Aquarium Water Pump

    For both sea water and fresh water. 20-levels speed adjustable. Touch screen controller. Two high-traffic submodels: 20000l/h & 30000l/h.

    By BLDC Pump Co., Ltd based in Baoan, Shenzhen, CHINA. from Aquarium Water Pump Product line

  • Bayer - Anticarsia Gemmatalis

    Both adults and larvae of this species are extremely variable in coloration. Most caterpillars are green, but some are brown or black, and they have distinct lengthwise stripes in yellowish white or pink. They can become nearly 50 mm (1.97 inch) long and are remarkably active. Young instars are sometimes misidentified as soybean loopers ...

    By Bayer Crop Science AG based in Monheim am Rhein, GERMANY. from Crop Pests Compendium Product line

  • BioAtlantis - Plant Strengtheners

    The market drivers for this sector include the removal of certain chemicals from the market due to safety concerns, e.g., fungicides, insecticides, nematicides and growth regulators. A major catalyst for this change is the introduction of more stringent laws, tighter restrictions on producers and requirements for retailers to ensure consumer ...

    By BioAtlantis Ltd based in Tralee, IRELAND.

  • Jatropha Seeds For Biodiesel

    Jatropha seeds are thin shelled ones with back color. They have oblong shape. A Jatropha seed resembles the castor seeds. 2 to 3 large black and oily seeds in a single seed shell.

    By Aumkiipure based in Munich, GERMANY.

  • VSI - Automated Larvae Feeding Systems

    The requirement for efficient mosquito mass rearing technology has been one of the major obstacles preventing the large scale application of the Sterile Insect Technique against mosquitoes. At the FAO/ IAEA Insect Pest Control Laboratories a larval rearing unit was recently developed (see literature below) and is expected to be able to ...

    By Vienna Scientific Instruments GmbH based in Alland, AUSTRIA.

  • Organic - Organic Plant Feed Fertilizers

    Organic Plant Feed can be considered a refined version of compost tea.  As we know, compost tea is ‘brewed’ by aerating a mixture of water, compost (sometimes humus or worm castings) and organic nutrients such as molasses, kelp, fish emulsion, etc.

    By Organic Plant Feed Fertilizer based in SINGAPORE. from Fertilizers & Pesticides Product line

  • XSYAGRI - Tea Seed Powder

    The Tea seed powder is the residue of tea seeds (also named camellia seeds) after camellia oil extraction. Tea seed powder is a natural pesticide, which is widely used for cleaning the pond and killing the snails, earthworm, clam, tadpole and other pests. It can accelerate the growth of algal according to decompose organic fertilizer. And it can ...

  • Model C/F 1007 - Closed-loop Aquaculture & Hydroponic Formula

    Formula Type: Dry - Product Description: Water cleaning and feed for Artemia, odor control and water cleaning for hydroponics (raising plants in water) and biofilter seed culture for closed-loop aquaculture. Designed to rapidly seed aquatic applications with 3 gram-positive, spore-forming Bacillus strains and 4 vegetative gram-negative strains of ...

    By AquaBio Environmental Technologies, Inc. based in Hawthorne, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Aquaculture, Lake, Pond & Aquatic Treatments Product line

  • Ledgard - Light Duty Ledgard Bar

    A Rugged purpose built cutter bar for summer tipping of both vine and table grapes. The Light duty cutter bar still features Ledgard tried and tested double acting scalloped blade which allows the machine to give the cleanest cut possible. Demanding only 25 litres of oil this machine is ideal for any size tractor. The light duty cutter bar can be ...

    By Ledgard Pruning Systems based in South Australia, AUSTRALIA.

  • ADDCON AntiBoil - Boiling Silage

    Boiling silage is a problem especially in the warm season. Boiling means gass production and foaming due to microbial and biochemical activity in the silage. It has nothing to do with boiling at 100 degrees Celcius. Boiling is mainly a problem in the summer season. ANTIBOIL efficiently prevents and stops this accelerating reaction.

    By ADDCON GmbH based in Bitterfeld-Wolfen, GERMANY. from Aquaculture Product line

  • SmartUnits - On-Growing Mussels Harvesting Unit

    Our nursery, husbandry & harvesting solutions. Mussels/rope-grown bivalves: Collector-cleaning ahead of new spat settlement. Natural settlement or Seeding spat from hatchery. Control density. Reduce predators & fouling: Starfish, tunicates, barnacles, annelid worm, other fauna and flora. Gentle harvesting with minimum stress & ...

    By Smart Farm AS based in Stavanger, NORWAY. from Mussel-Seed, Mussels & Seaweed Product line

  • MAT - Aquaculture Speck Pumps

    MAT is cooperating with SPECK PUMPS, a reliable manufacturer with service centers around the world. MAT designed SPECK pumps to meet the corrosion resistant requirements of saline water, offering a wide range of pumps delivering from 4 m³/h up to 250 m³/h.

    By MAT Recirculating Aquaculture Systems based in Izmir, TURKEY. from Equipment Product line

  • Team-Sprayers - Model Sigma - Tractor Mounted Crop Sprayer

    800L – 1500L tank. 12M – 18M manual or hydraulic rear folding boom. PTO driven diaphragm pump. Manual or electric in-cab spray controls. Optional tank fill. Optional tank flushing. Chemical induction hopper, including can rinse system. PPE locker. Hand wash tank.

    By Team Sprayers based in Cambridgeshire, UNITED KINGDOM. from Agricultural Sprayers Product line

  • Terra Dos - Model T4-40 - 3-Axels Beet Lifting Machine

    Beet lifting to perfection! This is what the HOLMER Terra Dos T4 has been made for – no matter whether with two or three axles. This is the reason for the Terra Dos T4‘s modular. design: Thus, innovations from years of test and practice are now directly introduced into all series; carry-over parts facilitate spare parts management, the ...

    By HOLMER Maschinenbau GmbH based in Schierling/Eggmühl, GERMANY. from Beet Lifting Technology Product line

  • Fish Feed Silo and Tanks

    The fish feed industry stores various products in Assentoft Silo tanks and silos. The silos are made from hot-dip galvanized steel sheets, providing excellent corrosion protection and requiring no maintenance. As the silos are bolted on site, the erection period is very short. The robust silo wall is very suitable for aggressive environments - ...

    By Assentoft Silo A/S based in Randers SØ, DENMARK. from Industry Product line

  • TILL-FIX - Crop Lifter

    When farming without herbicides it is of paramount importance to have a clean seedbed to sow in to. For effective weed control the cultured plants must always be larger than the weeds. This is why it is extremely important to germinate the weeds and kill the weeds before sowing or even transplanting. It is also very important to understand the ...

    By Fix Enterprises based in Musk via Daylesford, AUSTRALIA.

  • Polysteel 8-Strand Braided Ropes

    Polysteel is a high tenacity material on the polyolefins base: 75% of Polypropylene, 25% of high density Polyethylene. It is mainly used in the navigation (mooring, towing) and the fishery. Polysteel is a high tenacity product and is resistant to abrasion. The ropes are made of high tenacity Polysteel in accordance with EN ISO 14687: 2004 (E). ...

    By China Rope & Line Group Ltd based in Taizhou, CHINA. from Material - Polysteel Rope Product line

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