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Aquaculture Equipment

  • Biostart - Roots Biostimulator

    Biostart  is a natural blend with a very high concentration of 4 natural components (algae, mycorrhizae, humic acids and proteins) that fosters the growth of the plants and the germination substratum by stimulating the growth of the roots.

    By Full Service Srl based in Saletto, ITALY. from Hydroseeding Product line

  • Contractor - Model LGP - Slurry Tanker

    The MAJOR LGP Tanker is a robust vehicle designed and manufactured with the larger producer or contractor in mind. The MAJOR LGP Tanker is unique in design, in that the barrel is supported by a separate chassis. The position of the axle relative to the machine length means that a perfect balance is achieved with 80% of the weight running on the ...

    By Major Equipment based in Mayo, IRELAND. from Slurry Handling Product line

  • Conor - Economy Trailing Shoe

    The Conor Economy Trailing shoe system has been developed with a robust and practical design to operate in all types of terrain. It has a simple lightweight design and is designed very close to rear of tank and can fit on any tank. It allows for the even application of slurry which contributes to even growth. It greatly increases grass yield in ...

    By Conor Engineering Ltd. based in Co. Clare, IRELAND. from Slurry Tankers Product line

  • Qingdao - Model 3 - Silo

    The silo is used for feed storage in large and medium-sized farms, in the outlet with the feeding equipment, can send the feed to the inside feed line.

    By Qingdao Deba Brothers Machinery Co., Ltd. based in Chengyang District, CHINA. from Feeding Product line

  • Fish De-Icing System

    Designed to remove loose ice from chilled fish. Water based system with large buffer tank for gentle fish handling. Many options for discharge heights & belt widths. Stainless steel construction. Hydraulic or electric drive system.

    By Ansco Engineering Ltd. based in Nelson, NEW ZEALAND. from Fish Processing Product line

  • Veniceton - Model F01 - 2000L Aquaculture Tank and 5000L Customized Flexiable Rectangle Frame Fish Tank for Fish Farm

    00-10000 litre foldable water tank, 2016 best quality TPU PVC water tank storage tank, provide customized service, we have material of TPU, PVC etc. For your choice. TPU is FDA approved material, it's most suitable for human drinking, also for fuel storage. PVC is suitable for animal drinking, irrigation, farm ,fire-fighting, waste water treatment ...

    By Chongqing Veniceton Technology CO.,Ltd based in Dadukou District, CHINA. from Fish Tank Product line

  • Veniceton - Model F01 - Flexible Customized Size Fish Tanks

    Flexible customized size fish tanks made in pvc coated, fish farming tankPVC canvas large wire mesh tank with cover, porta. 00-10000 litre foldable water tank, 2016 best quality TPU PVC water tank storage tank, provide customized service, we have material of TPU, PVC etc. For your choice.

    By Chongqing Veniceton Technology CO.,Ltd based in Dadukou District, CHINA. from Fish Tank Product line

  • Cavit Net - Stingray Plate or Double Stingray Plate

    Cavit Net is the best optional for Stingray plate or Double Stingray plate. It designed for the use in the fish farms, for the underwater cleaning of the nets. Thanks the sledge, Cavit Net slides on the nets without clinging to the meshes of the nets and allows a effective and quick cleaning.

    By Cavitcleaner Limited based in Lija, LJA, MALTA.

  • Aquameasure - Model DO - Aquaculture Oxygen Sensor

    Temperature and dissolved oxygen (DO) are critically important to optimize feeding and maintain healthy fish. Unfortunately, monitoring these parameters with existing solutions is very challenging. Traditional cabled solutions are difficult to install, prone to failure under rough seas and require expensive and cumbersome pen furniture to support ...

    By Realtime Aquaculture based in Bedford, NOVA SCOTIA (CANADA). from Aquaculture Underwater Wireless Sensors Product line

  • ROPA Panther - Two Axle Beet Harvester

    ROPA has launched its new much asked for 2-axle beet harvester: ROPA Panther. The new model features the latest developments of ROPA's sugar beet topper/harvester resulting in a better yield and daily performance, advanced controls and innovative self-levelling system. Ideal for UK contractors, the new Panther is designed for unloading into ...

    By CTM Harpley Engineering Ltd. based in Harpley, UNITED KINGDOM. from Beet Machinery Product line

  • Azeus - Ring Die Aquatic Feed Pellet Mill

    This kind of aquatic feed pellet mill is widely adopted by farmers who feed large quantity of aquatic animals. Pellets diameter can be from 2mm to 10mm to meet different aquatic species'demand. For more details, please contact

  • TILL-FIX - Crop Lifter

    When farming without herbicides it is of paramount importance to have a clean seedbed to sow in to. For effective weed control the cultured plants must always be larger than the weeds. This is why it is extremely important to germinate the weeds and kill the weeds before sowing or even transplanting. It is also very important to understand the ...

    By Fix Enterprises based in Musk via Daylesford, AUSTRALIA.

  • Seal Scarer

    The Seal Scarer is an acoustic seal repellent system. The sound produced by the Seal Scarer has been proved effective in keeping seal at a good distance from fish farms etc. The system consists of a control unit and a transducer (sound head). The control unit contains a pulse generator and an amplifier and transmits random bursts of audio ...

    By Proteus S.A. - Nireus Group based in Kardamila, GREECE. from Aquaculture Equipment Product line

  • Aquo Smart - Feeding System

    Intelligent feeding system for shrimp by acoustic detection. Calculate the amount and frequency of the feed to save shrimp feed as much as possible.  It feeds automatically  according to the needs detected by the system through its sensors.

    By Marine Instruments, S.A. based in Nigrán, SPAIN. from New Launches Product line

  • Azeus - Model AZS-CT-C-0 - Hot Air Seafood Drying Oven

    CT-C-0 seafood drying oven is a kind of small mechanical seafood dryer for drying fish and shellfish to remove the water from them for preserving seafood. This seafood dryer machine is a tray dryer whose heating source can be supplied by electricity, steam, hot water or far infrared ray, but the most commonly used is electric heating. The ...

    By Azeus Food Machinery based in Zhengzhou, CHINA.

  • Dry Aquaculture Feed Dispenser - Pendulum

    Case cast in one piece, absolutely waterproof, UV-proof. The dispenser is simply slipped onto a horizonal pole. There is no need to attach additional mounts such as angles or brackets. The lid locks securely into place and can be secured with a chain to the support-pipe. Adjustment mechanism on the inside of the container. Every container can be ...

    By AGK Kronawitter GmbH based in Wallersdorf, GERMANY. from Aquaculture Feed Dispenser Product line

  • BioMar - Model INICIO Plus and INICIO Cromis - Feed

    BioMar's INICIO Plus and INICIO Cromis* feed ranges cover all the nutritional needs of tilapia during the first life stages. Both ranges are based on superior quality raw materials, contain high protein levels, balanced amino-acid and fatty acid profiles, vitamins and micronutrients. Due to its specially developed composition, INICIO Plus ...

    By BioMar Group based in Aarhus C, DENMARK.

  • Royal Caviar Nature - Organic Feed

    Royal Caviar Nature  is our exclusive organic feed for shrimp larval stages.Following the advantages in the technology of microencapsulation, Royal Caviar Nature brings an organic feed solution to the hatcheries able to produce organic post larvae. The product ensures low leaching rate and nutrient loss. It has outstanding digestibility ...

    By BernAqua NV based in Olen, BELGIUM.

  • shuliy - Model Sl - Fish meal dryer machine features

    Shuliy fish meal dryer machine is widely used for drying and sterilizing high-humidity materials such as fish meal, blood meal, bean dregs, beer grains, and corn germ cake. It has reasonable technology, compact structure, convenient installation, simple operation, wide adaptability, and strong versatility. Features are the ideal drying equipment ...

    By Zhengzhou Shuliy Machinery based in CHINA.

  • AQ1 - Infra Red Sensor (IR)

    The Infra Red sensor is used to detect uneaten feed in finfish aquaculture in connection with the AQ100 & AQ300 adaptive feeding systems. The sensor enclosure is made with Bronze or Delrin which have antifoulant properties. The rugged two-part shell construction and O-ring sealing system allows for long tern deployment and ease of service.

    By AQ1 Systems based in Tasmania, AUSTRALIA.

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