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  • Oval Water Recirculating System
    Showcase Product

    Oval Water Recirculating System

    By HydroNov Inc.

    This Aquaculture Recirculating System composed of two curved raceways of 80m3 of water having their own filtration equipments in center of the unit for an optimal environment to grow hot water species like Catfish and ...

  • Water Recirculation Systems for Fish Production
    Showcase Product

    Water Recirculation Systems for Fish Production

    By HydroNov Inc.

    Recent development in water recirculation systems for fish production are quite similar to those made for recirculated hydroponic plant production. New technologies now allow indoor production levels to 200Kg per square ...

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  • HydroNov Inc.

    HydroNov Inc.

    HydroNov Inc. is currently installing greenhouse`s hydroponic growing systems with complete operational back-up for customers around the world. Built ...