Recirculation Aquaculture (RAS) Filtration

Articles & Whitepapers


  • Egemar Marine Aquaculture Ras Skid Systems

    EGEMAR MARINE AQUACULTURE PROJECT SCOPE OF WORK The project scope of the Egemar Marine Aquaculture Facility is the development of a completely new fish hatchery with multi-stage RAS equipment. Egemar’s target is to produce saltwater fish ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Aquaculture Trickling Filter

    Aquaculture Trickling Filter

    MAT Trickle Filters are fixed-bed, aerated, biotower filters designed to convert the toxic, nitrogen waste found in fish farming water to non-toxic byproducts. Trickle filter biotowers are filled with PE bioballs providing a surface area for micro-organisms to develop. This biological activity results to a gaseous exchange process restoring the levels of CO2 and O2 to viable levels. Trickle ...