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  • Shellfish Hatchery System
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    Shellfish Hatchery System

    By Todd Fish Tech Ltd

    Shellfish Hatcheries are used for fisheries enhancement to ensure there are always plenty more fish in the sea. Todd Fish Tech founders Dr Keith and Errin Todd have developed really innovative lobster hatchery ...

  • Larvae Tanks
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    Larvae Tanks

    By Deep Blue Aquatic Systems (Pty) Ltd.

    Fiberglass larvae tanks are available for fish and shellfish hatcheries. Tanks are available as a 1000 litre version with shallow sloped bottom and a 500 litre version with a steep sloped bottom. Egg hatchout trays are ...

  • Small Golden/Brown Flagellate
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    Small Golden/Brown Flagellate

    By Reed Mariculture Inc.

    Isochrysis is a small golden/brown flagellate that is very commonly used in the aquaculture industry. It is high in DHA and often used to enrich zooplankton such as rotifers or Artemia.Isochrysis is a primary ...

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Companies & Suppliers

  • Island Scallops Ltd (ISL)

    Island Scallops Ltd (ISL)

    Island Scallops Ltd (ISL) was established in 1989 and is currently engaged in the hatchery production, farming, processing, and marketing of marine ...

  • Taylor Shellfish Farms

    Taylor Shellfish Farms is the largest producer of farmed shellfish in the United States. Under the leadership of the Taylor family of Shelton, WA, ...

  • Olympus Aquaculture Consulting Inc.

    Olympus Aquaculture Consulting Inc.

    The mission of my company is to assist existing and start-up aquaculture enterprises achieve their goals by providing experience and innovation for ...

  • Aquaculture Association of Nova Scotia (AANS)

    Aquaculture Association of Nova Scotia (AANS)

    The Aquaculture Association of Nova Scotia represents and is the advocate for people involved in the aquaculture industry in this province. It ...

  • Todd Fish Tech Ltd

    Todd Fish Tech Ltd

    Based in Dalgety Bay, Fife, Scotland we are specialists in the design of shellfish systems to care for lobster, langoustine and crab from catch to ...