Shrimp Handling

Equipment & Solutions

  • Shrimp Harvester Cages
    Showcase Product

    Shrimp Harvester Cages

    By Aqua-Life Products

    Custom-designed harvest cages such as shown enhance the harvesting procedure by controlling the amount of water being discharged.

  • Vibrating Shrimp Grader
    Showcase Product

    Vibrating Shrimp Grader

    By Mulot Sas

    Easily used Unnecessary to bolt in position Washing tube Variable speed control 2 screens - 3 grades (at choice).

  • Floating Pumps & Shrimp Harvester
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    Floating Pumps & Shrimp Harvester

    By Innov Aquaculture

    ETEC is a company supplying solutions targeting efficiency in pumping large volume of water, needed in aquaduct, agriculture, aquaculture, flooding control and irrigation systems. ETEC produces innovating solutions ...