2011 At a glance


Courtesy of Wetlands International

Securing water for wetlands in the Sahel
The Niger River is the lifeline for the droughtstricken Sahel region and enables the annual flooding of the Inner Niger Delta in Mali, that is vital to support 1.5 million fisherfolk and farmers, plus millions of migratory waterbirds. However, climate change, dams and large irrigation schemes are limiting the floods.

In 2011, by highlighting critical links between flooding, food security and ecosystems, we gained commitments to limit water off-take for irrigation and helped create sustainable development plans.

Through the Niger River Basin Authority, we have influenced the design of the planned Fomi dam upstream in Guinea. Our flood prediction tools have increased the drought resilience of 10,000 delta inhabitants, and we’ve helped 60 villages draw up flood risk management plans. Together with these stakeholders, we will scale up our efforts towards ecosystem-based water management and development in the Niger Basin.

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