A small plant with great success - case study


Courtesy of bwe Energiesysteme GmbH & Co. KG

The farm-based biogas plant operated by the Wienken family in Augustenfeld (near Löningen) is the first plant of its size built by bwe. Originally, the farm's operator had planned to install a straw heating element. However, since the input materials are available on the farm itself in their entirety, the decision to implement a biogas plant designed by bwe was obvious. One decisive aspect of this decision was (among others) the state aid provided to small-scale plants. In the past several years, these have increasingly become a focal point within the sector. Particularly for farmers, they offer a very good means of getting in on this technology. The Wienken plant commenced its operations already in 2008 – and today, its nearly 100% capacity utilisation is quite persuasive. The heat generated in this manner is utilised for raising laying hens and sows, along with shoats. Practically all of the input materials originate from the company itself. On a daily basis, approx. nine tons of corn silage, 350 kg dry droppings and 8 m3 pig slurry are utilised. One aspect which receives particularly positive feedback is (in addition to the high yield output) the robust technology, which is highly persuasive with its extensive automation and optimum process cycles.

Technical data

Year of Construction: 2008
Power: 190 kWel
Input materials: Renewable raw materials and liquid manure

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