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A Study on Assessment on Pollution Load from Dairy Effluent

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Biodegradation is increasingly being considered as a less expensive alternative to physical and chemical means of decomposing organic pollutants. Pathways of biodegradation have been characterized for a number of microorganisms, some of which have been used for remediation of water. Because algae are photoautotrophic their use for bioremediation of surface waters would circumvent the need to supply biodegradative heterotrophs with organicnutrients. This paper demonstrates that green alga Scenedesmus bijugatus have a natural ability to degrade dairy wastewater

A great increase in the number of small and large scale industries in India has led to the production of a large volume of complex wastes. Numerous works have been carried out on the assessment of quality of freshwater pollution by the discharge of effluent from the industries. (Eillis 1944, Rama Rao et al., 1978). Industrial pollutants are known to bring changes in the abiotic and biotic components of the ecosystem. Dairy industry is noted as one of the significant contributor to water pollution. Dairy waste is basically biodegradable produces an undesirable odour and contains an appreciable quantity of oil. Also dairy waste contains sufficient nutrients for biological growth, biological treatment methods are considered more ideal and economical (Warner, 1976). For the past few years, efforts have been on either to improve the existing technologies or to develop a suitable new process. The technologies or to develop a suitable new process.

The role of algae in the removal of various kinds of inorganic and related substances has been studied by several workers during the last several years (Benemann et al., 1977, Gupta and Rao, 1980, Senegar and Sharma, 1987). Algae serve as indicators of water pollution since they respond typically to many ions and toxicants.

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