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Abagold extends their aquaculture facilities - Case Study


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Abagold Ltd, the largest cultivator of farmed Abalone in South Africa, needed to extend their aquaculture facilities in Hermanus, near Cape Town in South Africa. They knew it would be a challenge, as they need to continuously pump large volumes of turbulent seawater. They required high efficiency and reliability, combined with easy maintenance, all fitting into an existing pump station. This task requires expertise and our agency knew Rodelta could help.

The Solution

One of our agencies received the inquiry for 4 pumps to deliver 20,000 m3/h at 10 m total head and approached Rodelta right away. Pump efficiency and reliability were important due to the continuous operation the pumps would be subject to. Our selection had to further consider a varying suction lift between 1.5 m and 3.5 m due to tidal movement, combined with turbulent flow that is naturally present in seawater. Vertical column and horizontal split case pumps were considered, but due to the size and efficiency factors, the Rodelta SPP60-65 end suction pump, with an efficiency of 87.9%, turned out to be the perfect solution.

Hydraulic materials also presented a challenge. We could not use any material containing copper, because of its toxicity to marine life. We offered 316 St/St internals within an epoxy coated volute. Manufacturing of the first two units commenced in July and delivery on site was just 10 months later.

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