Acrylic Wine and Food Display Stand

Most of the design and modeling of the acrylic wine bottle display are: LED display, rotating display, ladder type display, L-shape display, tray type, display cabinet, common base and specially custom grooves base. Wine is the symbol of culture and the function of inheriting and developing national culture. Therefore, it is influenced by the national traditional culture in the design style, and wine display is the original. The company development department is the most challenging model in the sample, Because the wine display is always designed complex, multi-level and multi angle production, the maximum embodies the connotation of wine, is a strong plastic acrylic, can be allowed by the developer to make, it is so we firmly have acrylic, better life.

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Features Of Acrylic Wine Display Stand and Acrylic Food Display Stand

D (mm) * W (mm) * H (mm) =300*100*300, 15mm thickness transparent acrylic base.

A perfect combination of machining, punching and polishing with a transparent rod of + 50mm diameter. This wine display rack has direct orders from buyers at the Las Vegas Exhibition for wine gifts to consumers. It can be seen how many years of wine has given such a valuable product. Acrylic is basically a material for high-end people.


D(mm)*W(mm)*H(mm)=100*100*340,5mm thickness transparent acrylic plate + 10 thick transparent acrylic base, crystal-like base set off the wine bottle elegant, this wine packaging shape is more common, the difference is in the base of the article, some on LED power supply as display supplies, some as a gift box, plus a thick acrylic base, the price of wine is different.


D(mm)*W(mm)*H(mm)=490*110*400,10mm thickness transparent acrylic board + crystal light letters, this LED sign for the bar brand image, acrylic board printed high-definition pictures, after the lights more dazzling effect.


D(mm)*W(mm)*H(mm)=300*100*220,10mm thickness transparent acrylic spray base + 10 mm transparent acrylic marking LOGO board + this board engraved into a display of wine leak, this LED plexiglass wine rack, is used for all the stores for display counter, since the LED indoors and outdoors are playing with lights, colorful design to the extreme.