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The success of a garden or crops is directly affected by the health of the soil ecosystem, creating a bounty of delicious vegetables and beautiful flowers. For true sustainability, maximum nutrition and amazing flavor, organic fertilizers and black worm castings are the the answer.

How to Create Healthy Soil?

Don’t use synthetic fertilizer or harmful chemicals. “When you put inorganic fertilizer in the soils, which are heavy salts, or when you spray pesticides, you kill the biology in the soil. You might give the plant a flush of food. But you will have to keep feeding. All that feeding, all those heavy salts, end up poisoning waterways, your drinking water, and sending the soil toward being a useless barren plot. Ironically these salts also create the conditions that select for pathogenic species that harm what we are trying to grow. We also are suspecting that these sorts of fertilizers might not be so good for our health.” Dr. Andrew Weil.

Diseases are less likely to affect a healthy plant. Feed your soil with organic food such as kelp, fish emulsion, compost tea, and black worm castings.

“While there are nutrients in worm castings, the real benefit to worm castings are the millions of beneficial microbes that are present in them. Those microbes eat organic matter in your soil and release plant-available nutrients. Fungi in the castings form symbiotic relationships to transport water and nutrients to the roots. Fungi can hold water in the soil and help with water management. Worm castings will have at least 10 times more microbes than soil or regular compost.” according to an article in Urban Farm U.

Some insects are beneficial to introduce to your garden, praying mantis, lacewings, nematodes, lady bugs, and worms.

Buyer beware, just because it says ‘organic’ fertilizer, many of them still contain inorganic salts, nitrogen, phosphorus.

As a leader in the industry, Vermitechnology Unlimited is your source for pure organic fertilizers derived from black casting, worm farming and composting supplies. For over 40 years we have been providing quality products for wholesalers, distributors, retailers, growers and hobbyists.

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