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AFLATOXINS Toxins in Peanuts, Vegetable Matter and Milk


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Aflatoxins occur naturally in peanuts, peanut meal, cottonseed meal, corn, dried chili pepper, etc. However the growth of mold does not always indicate the presence of toxin since the yield of Aflatoxins is dependent on growth conditions such as moisture, temperature, and aeration. The Aflatoxins are characterized as B for blue fluorescence and G for green fluorescence. The numerical subscripts indicate relative chromatographic mobility. Besides the toxins commonly found in vegetable matter (B1, B2, G1, and G2), Aflatoxins M (for milk) are found in milk of cows fed toxic meals. The highly toxic M metabolites are 4-hydroxylated Bs. The most important feature of the post-column method described here is that all four Aflatoxins are detectable at the same fluorescence emission wavelength in a single run. The Pickering Pinnacle PCX with a 1.4 mL reactor is recommended for this method.

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