Agriculture Plant Nursery - Case Study


Courtesy of Genesis Water Technologies, Inc.


A plant nursery company had water quality issues from the well water source that there were using for irrigation purposes in their plant growing operations. These water quality issues including total dissolved salts (TDS) around 2500 mg/l, as well as turbidity, mineral hardness and microbiological contaminants. The plants were slow growing.


Genesis Water Technologies consulted with the client on the best solution for this challenge. The system solution included pre-filtration, disinfection, anti-scalant followed by our GWT series reverse osmosis to reduce salts. Our specialized Agro-Z medium was used to enhance plant growth and reduce associated fertilizer nutrient costs.


The system was installed by a local contractor on site with technical and installation assistance provided by Genesis Water Technologies. The system is performing within its operating parameters with TDS levels less than < 200 TDS producing high quality water. The specialized Agro-Z medium is also providing enhanced benefits to the plants health and growth ensuring high quality plant yields.

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