Aluminum Stabilizer Legs: Why Aluminum over Steel?

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Courtesy of General Kinematics

General Kinematics stabilizer legs are designed to be the strongest and longest lasting in the industry. This longevity is due in part to the material in which they are cast.: aluminum. The natural properties of aluminum rapidly conduct heat away from the leg bushing, allowing aluminum legs to run 20 or more degrees cooler than steel. This is important, as the reduced temperature of the aluminum leg is proven to signi¬cantly increase the life of the bushing over those found in steel legs (see side bar on right). This increased bushing life means more uptime, longer component life, and reduction in repair costs which puts more money to your bottom line.

The GK stabilizer is designed to be just as strong as steel, yet is half the weight and easier to replace. This weight savings reduces the amount of energy required to operate your equipment, saving you money in energy costs and reducing the amount of horsepower required to operate your equipment. The 10 lb. lighter weight di erence between the aluminum and steel rocker leg is also preferred by maintenance and safety personnel for its ease of installation and reduction in back and muscle strain when installing stabilizer legs in tight quarters.

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