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An Alberta farm boy becomes a global power player

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'I was born in the middle of nowhere and always wore rubber boots to do chores.'

Evan Chrapko is on the phone from Beijing, where he's working on a huge biofuel deal. He's a long way from the Two Hills farm in northeastern Alberta where he grew up, the son of a farmer who always told him to dream big.

Chrapko is a chartered accountant and holds a law degree from an Ivy League school. He ended up in Toronto after graduating and linked up with a software company. For two years, Evan and his brother Shane lived on Kraft Dinner and the vegetables they grew in their backyard until their hard work and sacrifice paid off. After turning down several lucrative offers they finally sold Doc Space, a Web-based file delivery and storage company for $811 million.

Chrapko currently runs six companies and is now blazing a trail through China, India and Pakistan, selling technology that will convert biowaste into clean energy. As Chrapko looks back on his success, he seems philosophical.

'Success has a thousand fathers. Be grounded and centred in your own self worth and don't let anyone tell you it can't be done. Persistence and perseverance are the keys to achieving success.'

As Chrapko says goodbye from the airport in Beijing ya can tell he's proud of his values and his solid Alberta farm roots. Besides, this is one multi-millionaire who knows once he's done with the executive boardrooms around the world, he'll be expected back home. His old rubber work boots are waiting.

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