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Analysis and design of electronic igniter for HID lamps

A novel electronic igniter for HID lamps has been investigated in this paper. The new designed appliance has many good performances such as substantially less volume and weight compared with the traditional magnetic igniter. The main contributions are as follows: 1) a new configuration of the new device and its operational principle have been explained and described; 2) the model of the igniter has been put forward to analyse the electric properties, and the more important design considerations, which should be taken in account, has been developed when a practical igniter are designed; 3) a prototype for 5,75W HID lamp has been built. The proposed theory and approaches have been verified by the results of the experiments and computer simulation. The experimental results show that the volume and weight of the prototype has reduced by at least 80% than of the magnetic igniter.

Keywords: electronic igniters, HID lamps, electronic ignition, high identity discharge lamps, simulation, igniter design

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