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Application of Pile Hammer in "PV + Agriculture"

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'PV + agriculture' is a new project developed with the PV poverty alleviation project, referring to the organic combination of PV industry and agriculture. This is a very effective combination, the ideal scenario is ideal, PV agricultural facilities above the use of photovoltaic power generation can generate revenue, the following engaged in planting or breeding, driving the region more population employment.

Fishing light complementation,' the implementation process is relatively simple, will set up photovoltaic piles into the fish pond, in the top of the pile to build photovoltaic panels, fish ponds can continue to fish. In the piling process, the water in the pond can be pumped from pumping, if directly in the water ponds in the piling, you need to use the vessel carrying excavators, excavators installed in front of piling hammer (also known as vibration hammer/driver) Sandwich tube pile into the soil; if without water, the excavator can be directly into the fish pond, into the pipe pile.

Pile hammer is a piling machine, installed on the excavator to use, relying on the power of excavators, the use of its high-frequency vibration, high-vibration vibration pile, the vertical vibration generated by mechanical transmission pile, resulting in pile around the soil Structure due to vibration changes, the intensity decreased. The soil around the pile liquefaction, to reduce the pile side and soil friction resistance, and then to dig under the pressure, piling hammer and pile body weight will pile into the soil.
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