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Arbutin – Natural Skin Whitener

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Skin pigmentation variations and discolorations can appear in the form of various dark spots, due to age, acne scars or other conditions, or obtained as a result of the overexposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays. Sometimes freckles, the small dots of highly concentrated skin pigmentation, could also be undesirable. Skin whitening, lightening and bleaching refer to the use of chemical substances in an attempt to lighten or get an even complexion. A number of bioactive agents are reported to be effective in skin whitening. Some of them, however, have been found to be toxic, harsh and irritating to the skin, or even considered as unsafe and dangerous, being banned in many countries.

Arbutin is a natural substance (glycoside) obtained through extraction from the bearberry plant (traditionally used for urinary tract infections), but found also under different forms in cranberries, blueberries, wheat, pears, the fresh fruit of the California buckeye, and the plant Bergenia crassifolia (badan, Siberian tea). Arbutin prevents the synthesis of melanin, a pigment that determines the color of human skin and hair. The compound is widely used as an effective and safe skin-lightening and reducing skin hyperpigmentation constituent of various creams for long term and regular use. Important is the fact that arbutin is also shown to have an anti-cancer activity on melanoma (a type of skin cancer) cells.

Several forms of the substance have been chemically synthesized to improve the ease, speed and degree to which they hydrolyze after the absorption in skin cells. The synthetic types of arbutin are reported to be much more effective and stable in providing the desired effects on human skin. These arbutin forms have a reversible impact on skin pigmentation cells – the latter are not killed but just suppressed in their production of melanin. In numerous studies, the application of arbutin containing skin formulations has led to a considerable decrease in overall skin lightness and improvement of solar lentigines, particularly in light-skinned individuals. Arbutin creams are sold as skin lightening and moisturizing, usually enriched with different vitamins and moisturizers.

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