Artificial Bayan Ficus Tree

Beijing Palm International Group Ltd. has over 20 years of experience and are now a professional manufacturer in the artificial garden plants and artificial plants and trees . We provide high quality artificial plants and trees for sale, and flexibility to customize artificial tree solutions to customers all at an affordable price. We are able to find the perfect artificial tree solutions according to your space or budget.


Introduction of Artificial Ficus Tree

Beijing Palm Company can supply any both indoor or outdoor artificial ficus tree, which also called Artificial Bayan Tree. And it is one kind of artificial decorative plants and trees. When making products, as for trunks, we can make them into different kinds of shapes, whether it is bent or straight. Also, we can use different materials like fiberglass, natural wood and cement to get our job done. As for leaves, not only the color can be customized, but also either fabric or plastic material can be selected as you like. All these above can be applied to both indoor and outdoor artificial ficus trees.

Artificial Ficus Tree
Wood/Fiberglass/Cement Truck & PE/Fabric Leaves
Total height
1 m-12 m
Diameter of the crown
1 m-10 m
Diameter of the trunk
0.1 m-1 m
1. Be Similar to Real Tree

2. No Color Changing

3. Have Large Quantity Leaves

4. Long Term Lasting Quality Without  Special Caring And Watering
Indoors: Hotel, Restaurant, Airport etc. 
Outdoors: Park, Street etc.

Details of Artificial Ficus Tree

We can produce both indoor and outdoor fake ficus trunk with fiberglass, natural wood or cement. The tree's height varies from 1 meter to 12 meters and its diameter from 10 to 100 cm. As the whole shape be straight, naturally curved and tapered,the inner section will be a steel core.

We can supply two kinds of artificial ficus leaves, one is for outdoors, made from anti-UV PE material. The fire-proof function can be added; the other is for indoors, with fabric, it looks as a real one without touching.

Being fixed to various architectural substrates, artificial ficus trees are supplied with full base plates and completed details.


Beijing Palm Company had over 20 years of experience in supplying high quality artificial ficus tree. The design and build of your artificial tree is all done in our factory by highly skilled craftsmen. We deliver all our products safely and securely.