Artificial Date Palm

Beijing Palm International Group Ltd. has over 20 years of experience and are now a professional artificial plants factory in the artificial trees and planting industry. We provide high quality products, and flexibility to customize artificial tree solutions to customers all at an affordable price. We are able to find the perfect artificial tree solutions according to your space or budget.


Introduction of Artificial Date Palm Tree

We Beijing Palm International Group Ltd. supply artificial date palms, both the trunk and leaves are able to stand the strong sunshine by the means of the latest modern technology. Each palm tree can be straight or bent, and the height can be customized. For aesthetic value, many people not only spare much effort to make his or her space brighter, but also bring set many plants there for some freshness. But the real plants can be an burden as them need many special caring and watering. To help with these problems, we present you with our artificial date palm trees. They can help with guidance, also bring comfort and individuality to the environment. Our artificial palm trees will help you set the perfect atmosphere in the outdoor landscape and will prepare your commercial property in the warmest way possibly. Featuring highly detailed, with charming tree trunks supported by elegance and lush leaf arches outwards, our outdoor faux date palm tree will be a special scenery  for your place in the future. 

Our outdoor date palm trees are very suitable for various kinds of commercial spaces, including parks, exhibition buildings, airports, schools and other commercial space. These artificial palm trees are made of high quality materials that look and feel very real. They are highly durable, do not require any form of continuous maintenance. Our artificial trees take advantage of our innovative technology to ensure anti-UV and strong color fastness, making them fade resistant and completely suitable for outdoor use. Therefore, it can be used even in outdoor places without worrying about color faded caused by sun, wind, water or snow. If you want to create an outdoor landscape, from color to texture, from environment to utility, all you need is our collection of outdoor date palm trees.

Details Of Artificial Date Palm

Total Teight
5 m-15 m
Diameter Of The Crown
3.5 m-7.5 m
Diameter Of The Trunk
0.5 m -0.7 m
Life Time
5-8 Years For Outdoor Place

Beijing Palm with more than twenty years of experience in supplying good quality artificial palm plants and we have various artificial palms for sale. We finish all tree in our factory by highly skilled engineers. We deliver all our products safely and securely.