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ASAM-ODS A Standardized Data Source for Test-bed Environments

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The diversity and incompatibility of heterogeneous data archives within automotive product development was one of the driving forces that led to the foundation of the Association for Standardization of Automation and Measuring systems (ASAM). For the last 18 years ASAM has developed standards for the domain of automotive powertrain product testing. The standard for archiving test result data is based on a metadata model with assigned semantics to its structure elements. Generic clients are able to browse through customer specific data structures and retrieve the data for post-processing.

During the development of vehicles and vehicle parts, a huge mass of data is compiled. The problem arises to make the data accessible in a standardized manner, for post-processing tools. The standardization of data modelling and data retrieval was a big challenge for the automobile industry and their suppliers. The challenge was accepted by the ASAM consortium, which has developed during the past 18 years a mature solution for data archiving and retrieval in the domain of product testing. Today, the standard is available and the automobile car industry in Europe requests from its suppliers the implementation of this standard as part of their test bed automation systems.

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