ASTM F 1951-08 Surface Testing


Courtesy of Invisible Structures, Inc.

A 6-inch layer of base course (#2 road base) was installed and compacted. One pound of Hydrogrow polymer-fertilizer mixture was sprinkled onto the base course and spread evenly by hand. The 1-inch Grasspave2 ring and grid structure was then placed over the base course and Hydrogrow mix, ring side up. The Grasspave2 was cut to fit the form, filled with sand and leveled. The sod was sprayed on the back side with water until about 0.25 inch of soil was left. A 2-inch layer of sod was laid over the base course, root side down and cut to fit the form. This layer was wetted and compacted using a hand tamper until the roots were pressed into the sand and then wetted again. The total depth of the installation was 9 inches. This was watered every day and mowed as needed. The grass was cut to a length of 1.25 inches above the soil.

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