Automated, on-line monitor for µg/L screening of pesticides, herbicides, pharmaceuticals and organic contaminants

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Courtesy of microLAN B.V.

The SPE-TOXcontrol is the 1st system in the world to fully automate toxicity monitoring combined with an on-line concentration using the Solid Phase Extraction technique. The automated SPE option makes it possible to decrease the monitoring level to 1 microgram/L (ppb) for pesticides, herbicides (like atrazine, diuron, chlorpyrofos etc.) and other organic contaminants (like benzene, phenols etc.) which are relevant for water quality monitoring purposes. Even pharmaceutical compounds (like diclofenac) can be picked up by this combination. This option enhances the TOXcontrol as an Contamination Warning System making it capable of quickly detecting low level threats to drinking water supplies, both for intake protection as well as for distribution water monitoring for broad range of contaminants.

The advantages are:
- The SPE-TOXcontrol is capable of detecting contaminants in the low microgram / ppb range.
- The SPE-TOXcontrol is a real alternative for sensitive but labor intensive and expensive laboratory instruments (like the SPE-HPLC-UV system used during the contamination incident).
- The SPE-TOXcontrol can save approximately 50% laboratory costs (actual customer estimation)
- Without additional concentration (like SPE) biomonitoring systems will not give an alarm in the low microgram range. This has been proven in a real case history (ask for more information !!)
- Instead of waiting days to raise an alarm by laboratory results, this can now be done within 2 hours !!
Optional is the automatic integration with traditional
water quality monitoring system such as the s::can uv-vis sensor.

A recent pollution (June 2009) in the River Meuse (the Netherlands) has shown that this combination of different monitoring systems works perfectly as an automated on-line monitoring system confirming a contamination starting in Belgium which caused 2 water companies in the Netherlands to stop their intake.

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