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Automatic batching machine

Automatic batching machine is a kind of automatic equipment for quantitative distribution of various materials, such as fertilizer raw materials. It is mainly used in the fertilizer industry to replace the manual platform scale or volume measurement, with high measurement accuracy and high distribution efficiency. High degree of automation, is the main part of the complete set of automatic batching equipment, automatic batching machine: used in various scales of organic fertilizer production line, compound fertilizer production line. It can effectively guarantee the accuracy of proportioning and improve the productivity. The mechanism is simple and reliable. Easy to operate and maintain. Because the measurement is accurate, it can effectively guarantee the quality of organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer.

Automatic batching machine is a new type of batching machine, which is suitable for general organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer factory. The four bin batcher can be organic fertilizer, compound fertilizer and BB fertilizer production line with a discharge capacity of 1000 l or less, which can be directly fed by the mixer and lifting hopper, or fed by the belt conveyor. The weighing system of this fertilizer equipment adopts weight controller and sensor, which can quantify, mix and control materials, and automatically modify the drop. The automatic batching machine has the advantages of reasonable arrangement, compact structure, simple operation, batching and reliable control.