AVA speed mixer HTC series Mixers for spices and food products - case study


Courtesy of AVA GmbH u. Co. KG

AVA’s food mixer HTC series are horizontal machines offering highest mixing speed. Also they are very convenient to maintain.

Short mixing times

During rotation the mixing shovels cover the entire interior of the mixer. The shovels have particular size, angle and position to throw all particles forward and backwards, mixing them thoroughly in only a short time. The shovels do not leave any dead space within the machine, making sure that the entire product is in motion during mixing. The AVA mixer is equipped with an inlet valve or a compensator for pneumatic conveying and a pneumatic or manual discharge valve.

Huge inspection door

The AVA HTC series are characterized by a single-side bearing with a defined centricity of the main shaft. This enables its most important feature, the huge inspection door allowing easiest cleaning. It is closed by quick release clamps and electronically secured against malfunction. The gear motor is sealed against the vessel by AVA lipring seals, with gas blocking. The machine is complying to FDA and ensures highest production reliability.

Advantages of the AVA Mixer

  • Huge inspection door for easy access, inspection, cleaning
  • Discharge flap, flushing to inner radius of the machine
  • Cantilevered bearing of shaft, with AVA lipring seals
  • Available for different volumes.

AVA Mixers are multi purpose machines

AVA machines are entirely designed and made in Germany and are available from 3 Liter batch volume up to 20.000 Liter. AVA mixers are used for homogenizing solids or solids and liquids. Depending on the task, up to 20 different individual components can be mixed together. Beside mixing spices and other food ingredients AVA offers machines for sterilizing, drying, coating, reacting and more purposes. Decades of experience and a wide range of equipment delivered in various installation sizes, materials, and styles, speak for themselves. AVA delivers mixers tailored to your requirements.

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