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Bell Aquaculture - Case study


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Sustainable fish farm Bell Aquaculture choose Primozone ozone solution when expanding its production facility

Sustainable fish farmer Bell Aquaculture installed a Primozone ozone system when expending its production facility in Albany, IN. Thanks to the Primozone ODM ozone distribution module the investment cost became substantially lower.

Bell Aquaculture is the largest yellow perch fish farmer in the US. They are committed to sustainable fish farming that is gentle to the environment and hormone free. When expanding its production facility in Albany, IN the plant was designed for ozone water treatment. But the design was expensive as it required 9 ozone generators i.e. one for each culture tank.

Primozone distribution solution

With the Primozone solution it was sufficient with one ozone generator with a capacity of 900g O3/h. This thanks to the Primozone ODM ozone distribution module. The solution for Bell Aquaculture meant installing a ODM with 9 distribution lines, connected to one Primozone GM18 ozone  generator. A solution which has several advantages;

  • much lower initial cost as well as lower life cycle cost
  • one access point which ensures easy monitoring and control
  • individual dosing per treatment line
  • redundancy thanks to modular design

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