Bio®Chop: Fish by-products and waste chopped, pumped and mixed


Courtesy of Landia a/s

Landia has launched an innovative new silage tank with an integral chopper pump, for the fast and efficient maceration and processing of fish by-products and waste.

Designed in acid-proof stainless steel, Landia’s highly effective chopper pump has a shredder propeller and extended knife system, which can handle guts, heads and even whole fish - without the downtime of breakdowns or delays caused by clogging. When the medium has been sufficiently processed and mixed, the chopper pump can be switched from mixing to pumping directly from the silage tank (also acid-proof) to the storage tank. The pump itself can be a long-shaft pump installed in the center of the tank or an in-line pump installed directly below the tank.

The design of this new Landia processing unit - which is totally resistant to the dosing of formic acid - ensures that what enters the tank will also get through the knife system and the pump. The inclusion of a bottom valve means that the tank can be completely emptied for cleaning.

The installation shown is from a salmon processing factory in Norway and has been in operation since 1998.

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