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Bioconservacion in International Banana Congress of CORBANA & ACORBAT


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Bioconservacion ethylene absorption solutions present at the most important banana congress

The 6th International Banana Congress, organised by CORBANA and ACORBAT, took place in Miami from 19 to 22 April. It is undoubtedly the most important technical, scientific, agro-industrial and commercial gathering of the banana industry in the world.

Experts from around the world spoke of the evolution and market trends in the banana market, phytosanitary regulations and advances with regard to the Panama disease affecting bananas, as well as post-harvest techniques to ensure banana quality during production, transport and distribution.

Bioconservacion sponsored this event and participated in the exposition with a stand presenting its filters and ethylene absorbing sachets based on oxide ethylene absorption technology.

The presentation merits mention that was made by Dr Francisco Artés-Hernández from the Polytechnic University of Cartagena (Spain) in which he explained the main risk factors in transport that affect banana quality: their ripeness level, mechanical damages, presence of ethylene, transport temperature, dehydration and modified atmospheres.

The control of ethylene (hormone that regulates ripening and senescence) is one of the most significant risk factors during the post-harvest period of climacteric fruit and vegetable products.

There are several strategies to prevent the negative effects of ethylene, from the inhibition of ethylene synthesis and/or action by conservation at low temperatures, the use of modified atmospheres and the application of inhibitors such as 1-MCP, to air recirculation and ethylene absorption.

Of all these techniques, ethylene absorption is a highly recommended technology due to its cost-effectiveness. The technology is based on filtering air through filtering granules extruded with potassium permanganate. When ethylene comes into contact with this active ingredient, an oxidation reaction is produced, transforming it into MnO2, KOH and CO2. Ethylene absorption is a post-harvest solution suitable for organic produce.

One of Dr Artés-Hernández' most interesting reflections was the interaction between temperature and ethylene absorption. Good ethylene control during post-harvest, using ethylene absorbing filters in the ventilation ducts of the container, or using ethylene absorbing sachets inside the crates, would let bananas be transported at higher temperatures, which would involve lower energy costs, financial savings and more sustainable production.

You can view the presentatuion by Dr. Francisco Artés-Hernández in next video:

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