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Currently in Ukraine with support of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and Global Environment Facility  is implementing a project 'Improving energy efficiency and promoting renewable energy in the agro-food and other small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Ukraine'

The Ukraine Partnership Bureau is specialized in internationalization of the Ukrainian SME. Our specialization includes the field of environment, renewable energy, energy efficiency, medicine, and digital technologies.

We consult the Ukrainian agricultural company Agro-Ros ltd  on the possibility of recycling and the production of heat and electricity.

It is expected that the project will begin to develop in 2014 with the support of international financial institutions, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, International Finance Corporation, World bank or other.

Currently we are looking for a European company with a positive experience in implementing similar turnkey projects. 

In case of interest, at your request we will provide all necessary information.

Information about the company Agro-Ros ltd:

Base indicators  

                                                 2012         2013

Employees, p.                           591                   602

Land, hect.                              6 930.00           6 980.00

Crop production, tonnes     40 887.00    41 880.00

Production of poultry products, ths.hrn.

                                               163 331.00    201 308.00

Information about poultry houses  

Number of heads per year          5056687      6740245

Number of fattening buildings       20        22

Gas consumption in 2013 amounted to

1565145 cub.m. 7268096 hrn.

Waste broiler growing up, tonnes / year 81780  

Address: Cherkasy region, Rotmistrovka village.Ротмистровка/@49.149016,31.7158414,14z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x40d16bebf96d7e63:0x72d10315ec4c663e

Thank you in advance.

Andrii Sukhoriabov

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